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Wine with the Superbowl? – the How and the Why

I love the Superbowl! Mind you, it’s not football I love, but rather the Superbowl. I could care less about sitting down every Sunday to yet another game of football, but I really miss the year end Superbowl party that in the past I either hosted or was invited to. The annual get together of a group of non-football lovers who cook up a bunch of grub and watch commercials, occasionally glancing at the TV the few times an interesting football game broke out, is my idea of a great time. So it’s sad to say that once again, I am here in Spain, missing another great party event. In fact, if the world of sports would just quit trying to expand further and further, I might have been home for it this year. Does anyone else remember when the Superbowl was in the middle of January?

It was this time last year, that I found myself in an Irish bar in the heart of Madrid watching the game with other ex-pats drinking crappy beer and eating non-chicken wing like Tapas. This year I predict will be about the same with the exception of both having a friend for company and being in the heart of Barcelona! WHooo oHOOOOO! Go TEAM! Who’s playing by the way? For me, it doesn’t really matter. It’s like voting. As an American, it’s my duty to participate regardless of who plays or where the game is. I know it’s nuts, but being a bit nuts makes life worth living.

Logically, you may be wondering why I’m talking about this on a wine blog? I was thinking about the fact that I’ll most likely be drinking Guinness tonight while watching the game. But back in the States, I found myself often turning to wine. In fact, I remember having a major brain storm a few years ago with my employees as to which wine paired well with Superbowl testosterone, and the foods that fuel it. It took a lot of work considering the foods that would be served, wives that might be joining husbands and overall testosterone level. Above all, we had to ponder the quantity factor: enormous amounts of beverages! But eventually, we came to a consensus as to which wine would would go with cheesy nachos: white. Here was our rational:

  1. The Beer Decoy. White pairs well with chicken, popcorn, dips and other carbs along with their various salsas. We felt that a sweeter white like a riesling or even a sparkling wine would be great choices! While the sparkler could even pass for beer if need be!
  2. Stains! When your team scores, or your favorite commercial has you rolling on the floor, that glass of wine you just threw over your shoulder without thinking will leave less of a stain if it’s white!
  3. Lower Alcohol. Let’s face it, the Superbowl is not short. With the 20 plus hours of pre-game and post game, a wine with a little bit less alcohol will go a long ways in making sure you remember who won the game by the end of evening. Not that you’ll care.
  4. Victory is Ours! Hell, I could drink champange or cava everyday from here on out, and since we’re all sure that our team will win, why not have the bubbles ready to pour when victory is ours!
  5. The Big Combo! Above all else, white wine pairs well with pork! And considering they don’t call it the pigskin for nothing, take advantage of this fortuitous combination.

The other part of watching the game here in Europe, which most people don’t realize, is the fact that tonight’s game starts around 12 am! Maybe I’m nuts, maybe I’m just homesick, but either way come 5 in the morning tomorrow, I”ll be on the train home half asleep and happy. Dedication to the game? Nah. Dedication to the Event? Absolutely! Talk to you all soon…oh and let us know what wine your drinking for the big day!


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