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Bento Amaral

Wine without Frontiers

It’s not everyday that two people come up with a way to both fight hunger and drink wine all at the same time. Personally, I think it’s a pretty damn clever idea! Nicolas Beausset and Geraldine Reinhold Von Essen had a dream to incorporate their love of wine with travel while at the same time helping a good cause. Together, they will travel around the world landing in five continents, 15 countries and more than 80 vineyards in order to collect the maximum number of bottles from the wineries to auction upon their return to Barcelona, Spain!

What so great about this project is that not only is it quirky and fun, but it places wine in a wonderful positive light – a way to aid in the fight against hunger. Vinos Sin Fronteras project 2007 is aiming to raise as much money humanly possible for the Action Against Hunger charity. Action Against Hunger offers programs in more than 40 countries, specializing in emergency situations of war, conflict, natural disasters and longer-term assistance to people in distress.

JF Hillebrand is very proud to be supporting this exciting and worthwhile project and we are sure it will prove a great success,” comments Pierre Bonel, Global Sales Director at JF Hillebrand. “We wish Nicolas and Geraldine the very best in their travels and assure them that while they are enjoying themselves tasting new wines and talking to vineyards around the world, JF Hillebrand will do what we do best – ensure the logistics run smoothly and the wines get back to Barcelona in time for the auction!”

Beginning at the end of January, you can follow Nicolas and Geraldine as they begin their travels in South Africa and head towards Asia, Australia and New Zealand before crossing the Pacific to go to Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia, California and Oregon. The final leg of the journey will end in Europe come November. They will begin in Portugal wind their way to France, Italy and ultimately, Spain, where the auction will be held.

What a great idea and one that I hope becomes a trend in wine world. There is nothing better than incorporating wine to help benefit other global issues.


  • richardharris

    Great idea and best of luck! saludos desde España, Richard Harris

  • richardharris

    Great idea and best of luck!

    saludos desde España,
    Richard Harris