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Wineblogger.info’s Future

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Here’s the latest incarnation of the Wineblogger.info list of blogs. So far, we’re over 100 strong and growing, even though I know there are several sites not listed on here. If you are one of the sites listed and notice one that we’ve missed, please let us know asap, and we’ll get it up there as fast as we can. So skim the list and then I have a few comments and questions for all of you.

Catavino · Winecast · LENNDEVOURS · Vinography · DrVino · The Cork Board · Grape Thinking · Wannabe Wino · The Calwineries Blog · Wilf’s Wine Press · Good Wine Under $20 · Tinto y Blanco · Grape Juice · Gollywinedrops · Jamie Goode’s Wine Blog · The Cork Dork · De Long Wine Moment · Fermentation · Professor Bainbridge On Wine · Passionate Foodie · Sokol Blosser · Pinotblogger · Spitton · Twisted Oak Winery · Vivi’s Wine Journal · AlaWine.com · Domaine 547 · The Cru SA · The Wine Collecter · Gare aux Goûts · Wine Culture · Tales of a Sommelier · West Hills Wine Blog · REthink Wine Blog · Basic Juice · Bubble Brothers · Domaine de la Gramiere Blog · Wine Blog Atlas · Wine Enthusiast’s Unreserved · Wine-Girl · Tinto Records · Steep Creek · Drucket · Celebrate Wine · One Wine Per Week · Israeli Wine Direct · Confessions of a Wino · Vino Pigro · Wine and Stories from the Vineyard · Snooth’s Blog · Winefly Selection · Sobre Vino · Berry Bros. & Rudd · Wine in Sweden · Wine Traveller · Vinilicious · Wine Library TV · Vine Views · Grape Matters · Through The Walla Walla Grape Vine · Winery_Times · Grande Passione · The Wino Club · The Good Grape · Wine Farmer · Notes from the Pond · Winehiker Witiculture · West Hills Wine Blog · Food and Wine Blog · VinoVerve.blogspot.com · Wine-Scamp · Better with Vino · Abadia Retuerta Winery · Wine Canine · Road to Port · Aristide · Roda do Vinho · Wine Without Borders · Bordoverview · Chateau Petrogasm · West Coast Wine Country Adventures · Interwined · The Best of Wines · Irish Wine · UK Wines Online · Juno Maidens · Wine Sediments · Sharon Wine · Wine Rendezvous · Drinks Are On Me · 1 Wine Dude · Grape Wall of China · Bodegas Tintoralba · Vinos Unico · Smells Like Grape · Spume · Old World Old School · Smells Like Grape · The Red Pool · Sergios Wines · The Anne Amie Vineyards Willamette Cellar Blog · The Wine Camp Blog · Banish Care · Wine Mutt · Jaumandreu · Os Vinhos · Wine Monger

First off, this year is going to, if the planets align right, be a very good year for Wine Bloggers. I believe more and more of us will begin to get the recognition that I think so many of us deserve. I also think that the main “non-geek” public will start to feel a greater influence from us as they find our information rising closer to the top of the major search engines, leaving main stream wine rags to suffer the loss of “search engine traffic”. That said, I also hope, time willing, to finally unite The Wine Blog Atlas and Wineblogger.info. How you ask? Well, it’s still a bit of a surprise, but I will say that our goal is to make the Wine Blog Atlas more interactive so as to allow wine bloggers to control what goes on in their pop-up window. In this way, we will have a Wine Blogger directory that is searchable and categorized to allow people to search for a wine blogger whose content fits the reader’s interests. Also, as my original mission statement talked about, I want to offer a place to where you can find experts on a given wine topic. Think of it as a Wine Geek Directory.

Wine Blogger Bag

Now this might take some time. So far, this is only a labor of love with no financial backing. If you want to help, you can put a wine blogger logo on your site, Sponsor this Site,buy a Shirt or a Mug. Any little thing helps!

We do have a few questions though. What do you fellow wine bloggers and geeks alike hope to see from a directory like this? What kind of control do you want in your pin’s pop-up? Where do you hope to see wine blogging go this coming year? So far this year seems to be off to a good start with some fun things happening around the Wine-Blog-o-Sphere: A Book club, Backlash, Lament, more WBW and so much more. Anything I forgot to mention? Any memes that need to be discussed? Collaborations that need to happen? Thoughts? Is there anything we should collectively promote with this site?

So in the end this is just a quick note to let you all know that Wineblogger.info is still kicking and growing. Remember if your not on the list, please do not be offended, all you need to do is send me an email and I’ll fix it right away. If you can include a link to your site in this format it would really help too(remove the spaces): Your Site Name This just saves me time when entering the sites into it. Thanks.

Ryan Opaz

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