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Wineries Around the World, Listen Up! Catavino’s Free PDF Will Help You Understand Social Media Better

Vineyard landscapeHow many articles have we written on the importance of wineries creating a strong Internet presence? Half a dozen, a dozen?

We have begged, pleaded, and gotten on both knees trying to convince the Iberian wine community to take notice, but it seemed as if our voices were merely bouncing off of brick walls, only reaching the chosen few who really were open to change.

So we tried another route, creating an Internet marketing company to provide wineries the support and tools they needed to launch themselves into the new Internet. It seemed to work, but our reach was rather limited. A dozen here, a hundred there, but nothing on the scale that we knew was necessary.

In turn, this led us to co-creating the annual European Wine Blogger Conference, in hopes of not only bringing together the vast array of wine bloggers around the world, but to also bridge a previously held gap between wineries and online journalists. The results were incredible, allowing all sides to find ways in which we could communicate and collaborate more effectively through the internet. (Note: more details on the 2009 conference coming very soon!)

{{en}} Wine barrels kept on a cellar in Haro, ...

But this still wasn’t enough! We were constantly finding wineries looking at us doe eyed when words such as “social media”, “blogging“, “microblogging” and “social networking” crept into the conversation. This was exemplified this past weekend, when at a wine fair in Catalunya, I was told by a winemaker that “the internet is for those uninterested in a true conversation, fearing to face their potential customer head on and say ‘hello“. Huh??!??!??

To him I responded, “Can you say hello to someone in Iceland, China, Australia, Chile, or simply Galicia, Spain, when you are here in Terra Alta crafting your wines? Can you answer their questions about the earthiness of the Grenache grape; why your wine costs the amount it does; their confusion over the name of the wine versus the winery; or if you will be exporting your wine to India? Can you network with distributors in China, retailers in Denmark or sommeliers in Mexico from the convenience of your own winery?”

His respond, “If they are interested in my wines, they can send an email through my website.” And by “website”, he is referring to a page that his been under construction for 6 months. And if my gut is correct, I guarantee you that it will be full of flash, slow moving, and only available in one language, Catalan. OOH BOY CAN’T WAIT! 🙂

The EUREKA Moment

The Eureka moment happened approximately 3 months ago when Ryan and I looked at each other and realized that we could provide the same tools we have provided others but on a grander scale.

Wineries will learn:

  • How to enter the online community without feeling panicked
  • How and why to create a customized wine blog and have it work for you
  • Where to find your wines on the internet in a matter of minutes
  • How to interact with wine bloggers on a honest and sincere level
  • Where to find and network with like minded people in the wine trade
  • And so much more..

Two months we have been working diligently on this packet, and we are still the throes of editing and re-editing it. But as the holidays are approaching, we figured it was about time to at least offer you a taste of what we we will be releasing in the coming months

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Gabriella and Ryan Opaz

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