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This is a thumbnail that you may click on to see at full size the stunningly BORING and non newsworthy newsletter that I receive about once a month from the Spanish government put in charge of “promoting” Spanish wine. If you go over to Wines from Spain and request it you too can receive it. Sometimes worthy of my interest the latest newsletter, STUNNED me, however, with its lack of news.

Allow me digress briefly, to offer some personal background on our relationship with Wines From Spain. Awhile ago, I asked to have Catavino included on their links page, but was rejected when they told me that “blogs were not important enough to be included”. Needless to say, they seem to have their heads in the sand. Now I know I may sound harsh and maybe even a bit rude, but let me lay out a few points and then tell me if this pretty newsletter does anything more than we do here at Catavino.net everyday of the week, or maybe less!

First: US PRESS ENTHUSES OVER WINES FROM PRIORATO – Papers such as the Los Angeles Times or the Miami Herald publish articles describing and recommending wines under the Catalonian appellation
Where do I start with this? First off, the US press has been enthusing about Priorat wines for awhile now. Also this is the English version of the newsletter for people who are most likely English speaking, many of which are US residents. Why would an American subscribe to a Spanish Newsletter to hear that their US newspapers are talking about Spanish wine? Wouldn’t they rather like to know what Spanish newspapers are talking about?

Second:LEADING UTAH DAILY EXPLAINS THE KEYS TO APPRECIATING SPANISH WINE Great! Someone in Utah has a tip for enjoying Spanish wine. As a lover of Spanish wine, I really don’t want to turn to Utah to learn more about Spanish wine. If your in Utah, this might be important. But if you live anywhere else, you might want to turn to SPAIN to learn more about Spanish wine. Enough said.

Third:INTERNATIONAL WINE CONTEST TO PROMOTE WINES FROM ANDALUSIA – Ok this one looked interesting. That is until I clicked through to the article. “‘Andalucía 2007’ is the name chosen for the competition, which is officially endorsed by the Agriculture Ministry”. GREAT – They chose a name! Always a hard step in any process but really not something that you need to announce to the world. Not to mention the lack of creativity, it makes for the announcement of “choosing a name” equivalent to me announcing that our new cat will be officially named Cat! Woo Hoooo. In fairness, the article goes on to tell me what the event will hopefully do, promote the wines of Andalucia. Gee, really?!

Fourth: This is not news! Newsletter are supposed to have news. Here’s the title. Click it to read the “news” within if you dare: CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION – DO CATALUNYA’S HALLMARKS. Love the TM sign within the title…Does this mean I need to use TM every time I mention a Spanish DO? Isn’t this really just a statement?

Fifth: I’m going to try to keep this short, but I could go on for awhile. Basically, all I want to do is include the final headlines found in the newsletter with short commentary on each in parenthesis:

Maybe I’m a bit harsh, but it drives me nuts that what is an informative website for researching regions and grape varietals is so behind in implementing simple technologies like RSS or Customer focus. Couple that with deft reporting on the obvious and you have news that really does not advance knowledge. So for now, we here at Catavino will do our best to keep you up to date. In fact, in the near future, we’ll be adding more current events on Iberian wine and including some new writers to cover more current issues. Thanks to Wine’s from Spain for making my job easier!


Ryan Opaz

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