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World Cup – Go Iberia?

Turns out that the world cup is going great for both Spain and Portugal. Last night Portugal won a controversial game versus the Netherlands, and tomorrow Spain takes on France. If Spain wins that will mean that both Iberian teams will enter the final 8 and with the way that they are playing there is a chance that one of them may make it to the quarter finals or further. Keep your fingers and toes crossed. With wine being the theme of this blog and the world cup taking place in the world capital of Beer I thought I might go looking for wine articles that involve the world cup. The most interesting of which was the World Cup of Wine that is taking place in Manhattan.

32 wines from across the globe – 1 champion. September Wines & Spirits Summer Tastings will pit one wine up against another for the duration of the World Cup (June 9 – July 9). You, the public determine the winner – whichever wine sells the most during the tasting moves on to the next round.
Who will emerge the champion? Favorites like Italy, France or the U.S. —- Or will an underdog like Mexico, India or Lebanon surprise the field.

If you go over to the BBC you can listen to an audio snippet of the event where Italy and Brazil are matched up. Turns out Brazil was not quite as big of a favorite when it came to wine. Oh well, I suppose few Brazilians will care when they walk home with another trophy this year!

Challenge to any of you out there. Have you been watching the games, drinking wine, or is this a beer only event for you. Either way let us know what your drinking and who you think will walk home with the trophy this year!

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