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2 + 1 Iberian Wine Survey

Do you like Spanish wines or are you a lover of the Portuguese wines made from rare grapes? Do you have a tough time finding them, or does your local wine shop stock a large selection?

Living in Spain, it’s hard to get a feel for what wines are available outside the Iberian Peninsula. So with the internet at my finger tips, we figured that we might as well try to get some feedback from fellow bloggers and wine lovers from around the world! For the next month, we will be running a series called 2+1. Our intention to find out what people have to say about drinking Spanish and Portuguese wine as experienced from their neighborhoods.

The format is simple and not limited to wine bloggers. In fact, we encourage readers too participate so that we can see which Iberian wines are available around the world!

First we ask two questions:

1. How good would you say your selection of Spanish wines and Portuguese wines are in your local wine market? If you exclude Port/Rioja/ and Sherry how is the selection?

2. What’s the last Spanish or Portuguese wine you had and what did you think of it? Would you buy it again? Got a tasting note?

Then you ask us one.

1. What is one question you have about Iberian wine in general?

Our intention is to discover which wines are available internationally, and which questions are not be answered about Iberian wine that we might provide clarity on. Therefore, if you have a blog (wine related or otherwise), or are just a wine lover at heart, and want to take part in this survey, please send us a note at: comments(at)catavino(dot)net

Hope to hear from all of you soon!

Ryan Opaz

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