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A Holiday Poem to all Catavino Travelers

Twas the night before Christmas Travel

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land,
No travel or tours had visitors planned.
No travel to places, to family or friends,
For Covid, the Grinch, had made travel end!

So travelers made wishes to travel once more,
Hanging up travel guides and passports galore.
Their visions that night were of train, boats and planes,
Great food, great service and wines of great fame.

When out on the driveway there arose a great noise,
They hoped it was more than a sleigh full of toys.
Rather an airplane with a pilot so fine,
Ready for takeoff and a very short line.

The plane being ready with an entire flight crew,
Waiting to take you to places that are new
You move to your seat and buckle your belt,
Your worries and cares are starting to melt. 

The plane takes off, rising to the sky,
We’ve started our adventure and gladly wave bye.
The vaccine a success and Covid soon done.
We’ll soon be traveling, we are ready for fun.

With the new year so close all our hopes are renewed,
For travel, adventure and eating great food.
Team Catavino can help to plan your next trip,
From casual sightseeing to adventures with zip.

So when you are ready please give us a call,
We’d love to create a great trip from grand to the small.

We understand that 2020 may not have turned out exactly like we anticipated, but 2021 is showing hope and eager anticipation of meaningful experiences abroad. Should you want to chat and catch up, share stories or simply vent, know that Ryan and Gabriella would love to hear from you. 

Wishing you a very warm and safe Holiday Season from all of us at Catavino!l

Ryan, Gabriella, Andrea & Ana

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