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A Trip to San Sebastian, Spain: A Crowd Source Project

We’re embarrassed to admit that after 6 years of living in Spain, we have yet to visit one of the most important culinary treasures in the Spanish Crown, San Sebastian. Exalted around the world, and spoken fondly of by every traveler we know, we are proud to say that we will finally be there for a short visit at the end of September. However, we need to know what to do, what to see, where to visit, and what to taste? So we are asking all of you, our loyal readers and fellow “virtual travelers”, to share your suggestions with us. If we have one long day/night, or if we get lucky, 2 days to explore, we’re looking for the following:

  • Best Walking tours/routes
  • Places to Stay (affordable): Any secret hotels/b&b’s that are off the beaten track or worth seeking out?
  • Tapas: What have you enjoyed? What can we not miss?
  • Culture: Museums? Barrios? Food Markets?
  • Nature: Gardens? Secret Terraces? Hideaway Beaches?

We’re fully aware that we’re trying to cram a lot into a very short time slot, but such is life. Please, leave your ideas in the comments below, and we’ll collate the best ones to create our ideal mini trip. We’ll also make sure to give you credit in the articles that we write after our weekend in San Sebastian! And if you happen to be in San Sebastian the 29th and 30th of September, let us know, we can go crawling together!

Thanks for the help!!!

Ryan and Gabriella Opaz

Photo Credit: Joanjoc

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