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Accolades and Press

“Catavino, one of the most revered websites on Iberian wine and gastronomy, left Barcelona to settle in Porto, Portugal. The North American couple, Ryan and Gabriella Opaz, created not only a detailed map of the Port Wine Lodges, but an Iberian focused travel agency committed to highlighting the undiscovered cultural, vinous and gastronomic treasures of Portugal.” – Publico 2013 

“Decanter Magazine’s Annual Power List includes Ryan Opaz as the one to watch in the wine industry” – Decanter Power List 2011 

“In 2005, Ryan Opaz and his wife Gabriella – eager to use her English qualifications – decided to move to Barcelona. While Gabriella was working, Ryan caught buses around the Iberian Peninsula, knocking on winery doors and offering his services as someone with “a lot of knowledge of wine and the American market”. It was a thankless task….Partly out of frustration, Ryan Opaz and Gabriella – an award-winning speaker and accomplished writer – created a food and wine focused blog called Catavino, focusing on Spain and Portugal. Blog growth had been rapid in the US, but in Europe,  the Opazes were pioneers.” – Meininger Business Wine Magazine – Days of wine and digital at the DWCC

“…according to Ryan Opaz, a former Twin-Citian who with his wife, Gabriella, runs Catavino, a Porto-based company (catavino.net) that organizes food, wine and culture based tours in Portugal and Spain.

“Most people are afraid they won’t like it (sic Port Wine) because it’s ‘sweet,’ ” he said. “Turns out balance is what makes Port great, and the diversity. To say ‘I like Port wine’ is to leave me guessing as to what you mean. Sweeter? Drier? Red fruits? Caramel?” – Star Tribune – A glass of Port? Perfect to sip on a wintry (or any) night

“The ever-ascending local craft-beer movement did not put a dent in wine sales or interest. Minnesota’s own Ryan Opaz, now a Spain-based, world-renowned blogger, has an interesting take: The intense ardor for not only beer and wine but also distinctive coffees, teas and craft cocktails are parallel tracks with the same destination. “Flavor,” Opaz said. “That’s what people are seeking out with all these liquids, flavor.” – Star Tribune – Liquid assets for one and all