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Adegga Wine Market: Featuring Douro Wines

Editor’s Note: Catavino is excited to support 3 fellow innovators who have taken a very windy, but productive road, to find their crowned jewel. André Cid, André Ribeirinho, and Emídio Santos are the cofounders of Adegga, a social wine discovery tool, which eventually spawned the Adegga Wine Market. The Market is now on its 5th addition and is growing like gangbusters.

Today, we’re featuring an interview with André Ribeirinho about the Adegga Wine Market as one of many places where you can not only seek out Port and Douro wines, but quite often, meet the winemakers themselves. If you happen to be in Lisbon, please take a moment to check it out!

Can you tell us a bit about the Wine Market and the motivation behind it?

The Adegga Wine Market is an informal wine tasting where wine lovers can taste, choose and buy some of the best wines in Portugal together with the winemakers who make them. We knew from our internet experience that wine could be intimidating for some people, despite their high interest in discovering more about it.

A few years ago, we decided to create a different kind of wine tasting experience where consumers could feel comfortable discovering new wines with friends, talking to wine makers and buying their favorites bottles. That’s when we launched the first Adegga Wine Market.

As this month is dedicated to Douro and Port Wines on CV,can you tell us a bit about their representation at the Market?

We love Douro wines and specially Port Wines! There are lots of great Port Wines in the market but very few people have the opportunity to tasted them and discover how incredibly tasty Port Wine can be. For this reason we have created a special tasting room in the Wine Market. The Premium Room is a rare opportunity to taste some unique Port Wines. This year we have 5 Vintages and 10 Tawny between such Port houses as Noval, Graham’s, Sandeman, Ferreira, Niepoort, Poças and more. It’s a special experience that in this edition will even include a Chocolate & Port tasting! We hope that this kind of experience will drive more people to discover how deliciously good Port Wine can be.

Is Port as dominant with Portuguese consumers as it is around the world?

Portugal is actually Port Wine’s second largest market which shows how relevant Port is in its home country. Port Wine was normally associated with tradition and festivities but recently it has also become part of a modern culture of new food pairings and interesting cocktails.

Are local consumers familiar with other regions of the country, if so which are most popular?

Portuguese wine lovers drink mostly Portuguese wine and several wine regions have top-of-mind awareness like the Alentejo, the Douro and Vinho Verde. The other regions are also popular amongst wine lovers and, fortunately, they are quite easy to find since every wine shop in Portugal has good wine examples of any of the Portuguese wine regions.

What recommendations would you give someone looking to learn about Douro and other still wine regions?

I think wine lovers should go out and try wines from each region and see what they like more. It should all start by exploring different tastes and see what each wine lover feels comfortable with. Then if you want to enjoy a specific region you’re attracted to I would recommend looking for other wines in the same region and start discovering what they have to offer. There’s not better way to learn about wine regions than trying the wines, talking to the winemakers and discovering your own taste, wine tasting after wine tasting. Plus, it makes learning about wine fun!

What is your vision for the Wine Market for the future?

The Adegga Wine Market has become an exciting marketplace where wine lovers meet winemakers and discover new wines. We want to build on top of that and connect wine lovers to winemakers in more and interesting ways, online and in wine events. To start we’ll be doing a few more Wine Markets around Europe in 2013.

Event Details

Location Hotel Flórida, Lisboa
Date – December 1, 2012
Time – 3pm and ends at 9pm.
Cost – The ticket to event costs 10 € and includes a Riedel wine glass. The ticket to the Premium Room costs 35 €.
Future Edition – The dates and locations for the 2013 Wine Markets will be announced after this edition and will include 3 or 4 events in Portugal and 2 in other European cities.

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