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Architecture Lovers: Enjoy Open House Porto this Weekend!

Open House PortoOf any city in the world, Porto is by far one of the most dynamic, textured and architecturally rich. It’s a city of layers, where each and every chipped tile, salt covered glass, graffiti lined wall and aged stone shares a story, a story spanning 2000+ years of existence.

Walk any city street in downtown Porto and you’ll find yourself saying, “Wow, there’s not one tiny square of this city that’s the same. Everywhere you look, the walls are different, the windows are asymmetrical and the building is morphing into something else! This is incredible!” And you’d be right, it is incredible, which is why you should take advantage of Porto’s first ‘Open House’ happening this weekend!

The ‘Open House’ initiative is a completely free event to highlight outstanding architecture in a given city. The concept was founded by Victoria Thornton in 1992 to help the general public in London to better appreciate fantastic architecture. Like many professions, she saw a bubble of ‘expertise’ being formed that isolated your everyday person from the building that surrounded them. Her goal was simple, let’s find a way to bring them into the fold and appreciate what they see and use everyday. It invites everyone to explore and understand the value of a well-designed built environment.

On the 4-5th of July, 2015, visit over 42 structures for free! Click here for more information!




If you’re keen for a custom tour of the city, let us know! Our guides would love to show your hidden architectural spaces that even the locals don’t know about!


Gabriella Opaz


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