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Latest entries from Edward Ragg

DBR Lafite, Bodegas Torres and the Future of Wine in China

written by Edward Ragg | 4th June 2009

At the end of March, Decanter.com broke the news that Domaines Barons de Rothschild – more often referred to in China as DBR Lafite or merely ‘Lafite’ – has teamed up with CITIC, China’s largest government-owned investment company, to produce a ‘Chinese Grand Cru’ in Shandong province’s Penglai peninsula. CITIC hails from the economic reforms of Deng Xiaoping; and...

Part 2: Confessions of a Chinese Wine Consultant

written by Edward Ragg | 17th December 2008

Editor’s Note: Edward Ragg comes to us today with yet another two part series on the day and life of a Chinese wine consultant. And as much as it may seem like Catavino is slowly becoming an East Asian wine blog, with posts from both India and China, rest assured that we’re still Iberian focused. However, we all need...
Private Douro, Portugal


Douro Valley Premium Wine Tour

The Douro Valley is by far one of the most beautiful wine regions in the world and a incredible destination...

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Group Porto, Portugal


Portuguese: Organic and Natural Wine Tasting

For thousands of years, Portugal has not only made wine but has been very natural in its production. It...

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Group Porto, Portugal


Introduction to Portuguese Wine Tasting

Portugal not only lays claim to founding one of the very first demarcated wine regions in the world, the...

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Part 1: Confessions of a Chinese Wine Consultant

written by Edward Ragg | 5th November 2008

Editor’s Note: As many of you know, we diverge from Iberian wine every now and again to give you new perspectives and experiences on wine from abroad. This week, our Chinese correspondent, Edward Ragg, of Dragon Phoenix Fine Wine Consulting gives his the first installment of his series on how he became a Chinese wine consultant in Beijing. First...

Part 1 – Dalian Delights: Seafood and the Wine Scene off China’s North-East Coast Continued

written by Edward Ragg | 9th October 2008

Continued from Part 1 on Darian Delights But what did this family drink? On offer was the internationally exported Tsingtao beer from another famed coastal city, Qingdao. The spelling “Tsingtao‘ is from the Wades-Giles system of representing the sounds of Chinese characters (now defunct); but some Chinese brands/institutions like to state their age by using the early 20th Century...

Exquisite Harmonies: Matching Iberian Wines with China’s Great Cuisines

written by Edward Ragg | 11th August 2008

Not a great deal has been written on what is admittedly the relatively new area of pairing international wines with Chinese cuisine. Or should that be Chinese cuisines? This vast country, now in the grips of the Olympics at last, boasts an incredible array of provincial and regional dishes, embracing just about every cooking technique under the sun –...

Can Spanish and Portuguese Wines Succeed in the Chinese Market?

written by Edward Ragg | 13th June 2008

Everyone wants a piece of China. These days, statistics about the country are tossed out from pretty much all corners of the globe. In fact, I’m starting to think that 99.9% of statistics relating to China – including this one? – should be taken with at least a pinch of salt. Reliable data about the wine markets here are,...
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