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Latest entries from Ivan Larcombe

Glass Half Empty, Glass Half Full

written by Ivan Larcombe | 16th June 2009

Back when I was first starting to appreciate the wonderful offering of the world of wine, I bought myself some real, big wine glasses.  These giant transparent bowls resting gracefully on lengthy, slender stems welcomed me into the inner circle of wine appreciation.  I was there.  I was one of the few.  I knew what I was talking about....

Mostra de Vino: Sampling Valencia’s Wines in the Riverbed

written by Ivan Larcombe | 7th April 2009

Wine events and young children aren’t a natural mix most of the time, but there are exceptions.  The recent XXI Mostra de vins, caves i licors i XVIII d’aliments tradicionals de la Comunitat Valenciana certainly was.  (Nice short title for it, don’t you think?)  This hefty name in the Valencian dialect of Catalan simply means: The twenty-first sampling of...
Private Porto


Port Wine Tour with Ryan Opaz

Eager to taste a wide range of spectacular Port wine with a Knight of the Port Wine Brotherhood? Are you...

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Private Lisbon


Lisbon Culinary Experience

Meet the passionate people crafting old-school Portuguese food deep inside Lisbon’s traditional neighborhoods. Visit the traditional hole-in-the-wall bakeries famed for their...

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Private Barcelona


Barcelona Market Tour & Cooking Class

On this four hour Barcelona Cooking Class and Market Tour, you’ll have the rare opportunity to ease your way into...

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Patatas Bravas: My Dirty Spanish Secret

written by Ivan Larcombe | 25th March 2009

There is a romance to Spain that is all its own.  From Bizet‘s Carmen to Hemingway’s For Whom the Bell Tolls, the world has a vision of Spain steeped in exoticism that draws many of us towards this fascinating country; myself included.  But one of my most cherished elements of Spain has little to no romance to offer: patatas...

Las Fallas: The Loudest and Longest Festival in Spain

written by Ivan Larcombe | 17th March 2009

Las Fallas – Valencia’s festival that you can’t miss First, I have to be very clear about the timing of this article.  It’s just after 4 PM on March 15th when I sit down to write this and Valencia’s biggest and loudest festival is underway, but nowhere near its height of frenzy.  This is my first Fallas and I...

Spanish Ingredients: Cooking and Shopping in Spain

written by Ivan Larcombe | 9th March 2009

There’s no question in my mind that Spain is a country with a unique gastronomic heritage. Most Spaniards that have entered into any kind of discussion on the subject with me have expressed a real passion for the food from their home country and even their home region. For me, as a Canadian of British parents, that’s something quite...
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