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Latest entries from Quentin Sadler

Lebanon, the Phoenicians and Iberian Grapes

written by Quentin Sadler | 28th May 2014

Standing in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley was an amazing experience. This beautiful rugged terrain was once part of the ancient land of Canaan and is drenched in history. The air smelt of wild herbs and cedars as the sun beat down on the rocky landscape and stony soils. Wild flowers colonised the scrub and cicadas serenaded me as winemaker Fabrice...

Oak in Riojan Wine: Fundamental or a style choice

written by Quentin Sadler | 1st October 2013

Editor’s Note: In exciting anticipation of the #EWBC (#DWCC), which will be held in Rioja in just 3 weeks, Quentin Sadler explains how the success, the aromas and flavours of Rioja wine all revolve around oak. The red wines of Rioja are the first love of many wine drinkers. I think that is because they have a very clear identity which makes...
Private Porto


Port Wine Tour with Ryan Opaz

Eager to taste a wide range of spectacular Port wine with a Knight of the Port Wine Brotherhood? Are you...

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Private Lisbon


Lisbon Culinary Experience

Meet the passionate people crafting old-school Portuguese food deep inside Lisbon’s traditional neighborhoods. Visit the traditional hole-in-the-wall bakeries famed for their...

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Private Barcelona


Barcelona Market Tour & Cooking Class

On this four hour Barcelona Cooking Class and Market Tour, you’ll have the rare opportunity to ease your way into...

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Red Grape Varieties of the Mediterranean Deserving More Attention

written by Quentin Sadler | 11th October 2012

Ever wondered why the same small bunch of grape varieties bobs up so frequently from wine regions around the world? There are many hundreds of different grapes out there, but only a small handful of them have managed to become widely grown and internationally known. Mostly grapes have to settle for limited local fame on their home turf. As...

Wine Closures: Focusing on What’s Truly Important, the Liquid!!

written by Quentin Sadler | 6th September 2012

Throughout man’s relationship with wine the challenge has been to find a way of bringing it to the customer. We get a glimpse of one of the earliest solutions in the The New Testament Matthew 9:14-17 and the parable of putting new wine in old skins. Even when I was a child, some 2000 years later, Spanish lorry drivers...

Bidding Adieu to Old Favorites: Scholtz Hermanos Dessert Wine from Malaga

written by Quentin Sadler | 28th November 2011

It is never easy to say goodbye and to turn your back on a chapter of your past – parting always hurts and today I have to say two farewells. I have been writing about Spain and Spanish wines for Catavino, as well as my own blog,  for quite a while now, and sadly this will be my last...

A Glutton’s Guide to Spanish Culture

written by Quentin Sadler | 5th July 2011

I love Spain, but I love the view of the country that I have in my head from childhood and – democracy and human rights apart – that is how I still want it to be. Whenever I am there, I seek out the traditional and the old fashioned, because I like it. Not for me the trendy tapas...
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