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Latest entries from Sonia Nolasco

The Ultimate Guide to Recording Grandmother Recipes

written by Sonia Nolasco | 13th August 2018

Wrangling recipes from grandmas isn’t a pursuit for the thin-skinned. Ask for exact quantities, measurements, times… Basically everything you need for a recipe to work, and chances are, you’ll get a touch of this, a sprinkle of that, and a whole lot of furrowed brows, back talk, pity, groans, moans—all of the ingredients that’ll make you want to abort...

Porto’s Historic Fresh Food Market: Bolhão

written by Sonia Nolasco | 7th August 2018

Why doesn’t the Lovers Handkerchief embroidery get old in Portugal? What’s so magical about these folkloric motifs, slapped on everything imaginable and sold in every airport, souvenir shop and roadside rest stop? It stirs the soul… Traditionally they were embroidered by the unabashed women of Minho as a declaration of their love to a desired fiancé, part of the...
Private Porto


Porto Wine Tour with Ryan Opaz

Eager to taste a wide range of spectacular Port wine with a Knight of the Port Wine Brotherhood? Are you...

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Private Porto


Porto Walking Food Tour

This delicious food tour is more than a culinary experience, it’s a love letter to Porto highlighting the city’s history, architecture and...

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Private Douro, Portugal


Douro Valley Premium Wine Tour

The Douro Valley is by far one of the most beautiful wine regions in the world and a incredible destination...

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New Portuguese Cookbook Brings Unexpected Recipes to the Table

written by Sonia Nolasco | 3rd October 2016

Today, if you want to start a website called portuguesecooking.com — good luck! Ana Patuleia Ortins has owned it since 1997, just a year before Google was founded. For decades, Ana has been spreading the gospel about Portuguese food. Author of Portuguese Homestyle Cooking, she’s a pioneer in cookbooks written about Portuguese cuisine in America. After the success of...

Dinner in Viseu: Chewing Over Identity

written by Sonia Nolasco | 25th November 2015

Though it had been one of the rainiest and foggiest weeks I had ever spent in Portugal, on this particular day, the dreariness gave new meaning to the word “melancholy.” In no way was this suicidal ambiance any match for my mission to discover! I was booked for a trip to Viseu and absolutely nothing was going to deter...

Michelin Chef Elevates Rustic Portuguese Cuisine in Manhattan

written by Sonia Nolasco | 18th November 2015

There’s a little slice of Lisbon’s vibrant food scene in New York City these days thanks to Michelin star Chef George Mendes. For anybody that’s been to Lisbon lately, you’ll instantly pick up on the similarities between the haute cuisine hotspots chefs like José Avillez have created in the recent past with his acclaimed Belcanto and several modern reinterpretations...

Baking Bread with a Portuguese Grandmother

written by Sonia Nolasco | 16th September 2015

Housed in an 18th century baroque building, we leave behind the contrasting sleek interior of the bread and wine museum and step back onto the cobbled streets of the charming village of Favaios, where locals are taking respite from the intense July heat under red cafe umbrellas. We stroll towards the church as instructed and veer left in search...
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