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Bodega Profile – Bodegas Ignacio Marín – DO Cariñena


DO Cariñena, located just west of Catalunya in northeastern Spain, is not only one of the largest and oldest regions in Aragon, but also the first to have been demarcated in 1932. And if the name sounds familiar, it should, because it is the namesake of the grape varietal Cariñena, Manzuelo in other Northern regions of Spain, an Carignon in France. Over the years, however, this emblematic indigenous varietal has been tossed to the wayside for Garnacha, a sturdier and better suited varietal for the arid growing conditions regions in Aragon.

Until the 1980’s, most of the wines from the regions were red, renowned for being big, chewy and typically sold in bulk as a blend with lighter, more delicate wines. But times have changed and in the last decade, there have been major improvements in their winemaking practices. In lieu of big alcoholic bulk wines reaching up to 19%, the DO has changed their stance to set a limit of no more than 12 to 14 percent. Fusions have been made between small bodegas and larger cooperatives, allowing for modernization in winemaking systems, as well as widespread support for planting higher quality plant varietals. These varietals have also expanded to include Tempranillo and white varietals such as Viura, Moscatel, Chardonnay, Cabernet and Parellada.

Established in 1903, Bodegas Ignacio Marín has evolved with the DO Cariñena, slowly updating their facilities as information and winemaking practices became available. This bodega is also interesting in that they boast of working in an ecological framework so as to respect the land, the vines and the end product that lands in your glass. Although I am unclear exactly what “ecological” means to them, I am happy to report that their wines are nothing less than spectacular. In particular, the 1999 Bodegas Ignacio Marin Cariñena Barón de Lajoyosa Gran Reserva. A wine, that by my sentiments, if absolutely phenomenal, amazing and absolutely worth you getting your little mitts on.

I’ll be brief and suggest you take along luxurious glance at our tasting notes below, because I doubt I could offer you the same experience as I did when we first tasted their wines. The initial tasting note is sometimes the most authentic and entertaining read of a wine. Sadly, we know very little about these wines and the winery, however, as we were promised information months ago but were never delivered the goods. So I’m hoping my post will get a little flame burning under their britches to provide you with more information.


D.O./Region: DO Cariñena
Address: C / San Valero 1, 50400 Cariñena (Zaragoza) – Spain
Telephone: +34 976 621 129
Fax: +34 976 621 031
Email: Bodegas Ignacio Marín
Website: www.ignaciomarin.com
Founded: 1903
Hectares of Vines: 117
Winemaker: Arturo Letosa
Grape Varieties Grown: Tempranillo, Cariñena, Garnacha, Cabernet and Merlot, Carnet and Macabeo
Wines Produced:

Winery Visits: Yes

Ryan’s Tasting Notes

Gabriella’s Tasting Notes

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