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Bodega Profile – Quinta de Ventozelo – Douro

Quinta de Ventozelo

For those of you who are caught up on your Catavino reading, you are most likely familiar with a recently contributed article on regarding a tasting with Quinta de Ventozelo’s wines paired with a wild mushroom soup alongside a tender piece of braised duck. The meal was absolutely fantastic, beautifully enhanced by all three Quinta de Ventozelo wines: 2004 Quinta de Ventozelo Douro Tinto, 2004 Quinta de Ventozelo Touriga Nacional Douro and the 2004 Cister da Ribeira Red. Although we provided you with a fun article on the dinner, we hadn’t, as of yet, discussed the wines or Quinta de Ventozelo. Therefore, what we’ve included below is a small piece recently solicited from the Bodega, describing both themselves and their wines, while we’ve attached our notes down below!

“Quinta de Ventozelo produces Port and Douro wines. Our young team is focused on producing quality wines at affordable prices, with attractive packaging. We were chosen Winery of the Year by Wine & Spirits Magazine in 2005 and have received numerous awards since.

When you visit Quinta de Ventozelo, the property’s stunning natural beauty will be imprinted on your mind forever. A visit to Quinta de Ventozelo guarantees you an unforgettable experience you’ll remember every time you sip one of our wines. Our friendly staff and winemakers will give you an exciting tour of the vineyards and reveal you the secrets of traditional Port and Douro winemaking. You’ll never see wine with the same eyes again!

Please check our multilingual site on www.quintadeventozelo.com for further info. You can subscribe to our quarterly newsletter where we’ll keep you updated on new releases, awards and events.

We’re very proud of what we do and want to raise our glasses to your enjoyment!”

2007 Harvest Information from Quinta de Ventozelo

“This year’s harvest has been delayed two weeks. We only started it the 17th of September! It’s been a very humid year with high temperatures during the maturation stage, a very positive situation for the phenolic maturation and tannins levels. Right now, as grapes are being picked, the maximum temperature is between 25-30ºC (77-86 Fº), something that improves the grapes maturation levels. The grape juices have a very good acid-sugar balance and high levels of polyphenols. As per quantities, we expect to harvest 800 tons of grapes. It’s still a bit too early to say for certain, but the quality of the juices we’re getting makes us think 2007 is going to be an exceptional year.” Sebastião Mesquita, Chief Winemaker at Quinta de Ventozelo.

D.O.C/V.R.: DOC Douro
Address: Ervedosa do Douro 5130-135 São João da Pesqueira (Portugal)
Telephone: (+351) 254 732 167
Fax: (+351) 254 731 180
Email: info@quintadeventozelo.pt
Webpage: www.quintadeventozelo.com
Bodega Founded: 1999 joined the Spanish company, Proinsa
Hectares of Vines: 200 Ha.
Grape Varieties Grown:

17.6% Tinta Roriz
16.2% Touriga Franca
11.1% Tinta Barroca
9.1% Touriga Nacional
6.3% Tinta Amarela
5% Tinto Cão
5% Old Vines
4.6% Sousão
25.1% Other varieties (Tinta Francisca, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah…)

Production in Bottles: 1,000,000 bottles of DOC wine and 500,000 of Port wine.
Winemaker: Sebastião Mesquita, Joaquim Trigo
On Google Earth: 41°10’38.47″-7°30’59.58″ (I love that they provided this info for us!!)
Wines Elaborated:

Vinzelo Red
Vinzelo Rosado
Cister da Ribeira Red
Cister da Ribeira White
Quinta de Ventozelo Red
Quinta de Ventozelo Red Reserva
Quinta de Ventozelo Touriga Nacional
Quinta de Ventozelo Touriga Franca
Quinta de Ventozelo Tinta Roriz
Vinzelo Ruby Port
Vinzelo White Port
Vinzelo Tawny Port
Quinta de Ventozelo Ruby Reserva Port
Quinta de Ventozelo Tawny Port
Quinta de Ventozelo 10 Year Old Tawny
Quinta de Ventozelo 20 Year Old Tawny
Quinta de Ventozelo LBV Port
Quinta de Ventozelo Vintage Port

UK: Alliance Wine and Direct-Wines ,
USA: Corporate Wines and Cellar 91

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