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Bodegas Alvear

Bodegas Alvear
Address: Address: Av. María Auxiliadora 1, 14550 Montilla (Córdoba), SPAIN
Telephone:+34 957 650 100
Fax:+34 957 650 135
Email:[email protected]
Hectares of Vines: 300
Wine maker: Bernardo Lucena
Total Production Liters: 8.2million
Grape Varieties Grown: Pedro Ximenez
Wines Produced:CB Pale Dry, CB Medium Dry, CB Pale Cream, CB Cream, Alvears Fino, Alvear’s Amontillado, Alvear’s Cream, Fino en Rama 2000, Fino Capataz, Amontillado Carlos VII, Oloroso Asunción, Pedro Ximénez de Añada 2003, Pedro Ximénez Cosecha 2002, Pedro Ximénez Solera, Pedro Ximénez Reserva 1998, Vinagre de Pedro Ximénez
Exporters in the UK and USA:Telephone: USA: Jorge Ordoñez – (781)461-5767, 745 High Street, Dedham, MA 02026, Email: [email protected] Web: www.jorgeordonez.com

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The following text was provided by the winery. I left it intact as I think aside from the obvious self aggrandizement; it explains well the history of the winery. Personally, as sherry lover, I don’t feel as if you can go wrong by seeking out this producer. Robert Parker has heralded their wines many times, and I can’t seem to find one wine that isn’t of good value for the money. Do remember though that these are not sherry wines, but wines that are sherry-esque, having been aged in a solera system. I really enjoy these wines and highly recommend them to anyone who loves sherry.

Till soon,

Ryan Opaz

It has been 275 years since Don Diego de Alvear y Escalera, began in 1729 the production in the town of Montilla, region of Andalusia, Spain, the very first wines of Alvear. Since then, Alvear has continued to progress and develop in a harmonious manner. Eight generations of the family have over time made their contribution both in terms of technical modernization of the cellar and in the conservation of its architectural heritage. Culture, tradition, taste and vanguard go hand in hand to conserve the Pedro Ximenez grape, the queen of DO Montilla-Moriles. A historic bodega of acknowledged prestige for nearly three centuries and which today still remains on top.

When one sees today’s Bodegas Alvear, what is particularly striking is to see how devoted our workers are to their task. Only when we look through the history of the winery can we understand the true meaning of this name and be surprised by the size of the business. The wine cellar, with its shade and the damp of its clay floor, is the perfect world for the yeast of the unique biological ageing process, the “crianza en flor”. The wine cellar is where the living organism which is the yeast creates thousands of protective surface veils over the wine in the thousands of butts as you can see in the photograph. The upper row corresponds to the nursery stage where the fino is a mere embryo, a suggestion of its future self, still almost a grape must. In the bottom row, after the miraculous and magical transfers of the wine from butt to butt, the finished fino is already marvelously salty and bitter, fit to take on the name C.B. The Alvear’s wine sampling foreman will decided if the wine which has just been taken out of the wine cask, is going to become fino or amontillado. He symbolized and pay tribute to the special relationship between the wine and its maker. This know-how has been most ably demonstrated in our wines, from the fino C.B., through the amontillados and olorosos and, of course, in our mythical P.X., which are considered essential references for lovers of sweet Spanish wines.

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