Torres Brandy Spritz

Sometimes I don’t have the answers. Ask Gabriella, and she’ll deny this, replying that I always have one even if it’s wrong, and most likely, she’s probably right, but that’s between you and me. Today, I have 3 questions for our lovely and loyal readers. Please help me out so that I don’t have to pretend like I don’t know something! 🙂

#1 About a year ago, we were traveling through the Priorat looking for information on a wine called Salmos. Having stopped by the Torres wine shop, we first stumbled across these “spritz” vials, located in the picture to the right, that allow you to add a squirt of brandy, both ten and five year versions, or a Moscatel to a beverage, dessert, etc. Yesterday, I came across this vial a second time, but now in conjunction with a bottle of Torres 10 year brandy. Now I personally love a bit of brandy in my coffee, or a snifter or two at night before bed, but in the end, I can’t see why I would need to “spritz” it on. The packaging is sexy, well-designed, and the idea is interesting, but is the product of the spritzer the end goal or the sale of more brandy? Thoughts? Not really a question that needs an answer, but I’m a bit puzzled as to what to do with my new spray bottle of brandy!

#2 Wine Mnemonics – I listen to NPR podcasts religously, and I came acros this story the other day on Mnemonics. The story got me thinking, what are the best Wine Mnemonics? I quickly did a search over at everyone’s favorite wine search engine AbleGrape, and promptly found very little. So I tried “google” again, but came up empty-handed. So all you MW’s out there, or WSET students, any good Mnemonics for remembering your favorite wine facts? Post your answers or favorites in the comments below!

#3 Wine Fiction – Lately, I’ve been enjoying reading more than usual. Lot’s of books about building Cathedrals and some fun mindless fiction to take my mind off work at the end of the day. The problem is, I have a stack of wine books to read, and well, while interesting (Wine Politics
is one I’m looking forward too from Dr.Vino), I want to find some wine fiction! Do you know of any great fiction that is wine themed? Dr Debs is doing great getting us to all read more about wine, but her book club selections tend to be non-fiction (correct me if I’m wrong). I want to find/hope to find some historical fiction that takes place in the vineyards, or a tale of two lovers amoung the vines, who knows! Anything to let me live in my world of wine, a place I love, but also allow me a touch of escapism. Anybody have a suggestion? I found a mystery novel about 5 yrs ago about a murder amoung the vines, I wish I could remember the name, but since then nothing of great interest. Help me out!

Ok, that’s enough for now…Thanks in advance for the help


Ryan Opaz

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