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Ok everyone we caved in and joined the bandwagon and finally made our own group at Flickr! Our goal is to let people share their expiriences with Spanish and Portuguese wines. We’re hoping the rest of you can join in and help our group grow by adding your own photo experiences with Spanish and Portuguese wines! There are basically two ways you can get involved.

1. We are requesting your photos of either the Spanish and Portuguese wines that you have tasted and/or of the event at which you tasted the wine. The main goal behind this is to help others find the wines that your drinking. Often as a retailer I was asked about a wine a friend had once at a party that tasted like cherries! Ok so I may have been a decent retailer, but I was no mind reader. Here’s your chance to share the wines you have had, so others can remember. Remember at the next party your at to snap a photo of the host and the wine! Then tell us about it!

Please include some or all of the following information in the comments section:

  • Where you bought it. (ex. country, state, city, store)
  • Any information you received about the wine importer.
  • Approximate price you purchased it for.
  • What you thought of it.

2. On the other hand, maybe you have pictures from your whirlwind trip through a vineyard in Portugal displaying the beautiful olive or cork trees or maybe you were recently on a leisurely bicycling adventure through Spain’s Pyrenees. As long as your experience relates to Spanish or Portguese wines go ahead and share them! Just make sure to let us know a little about what made it so special by leaving a comment in the photos comment section.

You can find our Flickr group at this address www.flickr.com/groups/catavino/. All you need is a flickr account and you can start posting your photos to our group. Can’t wait to see what you’ve been drinking! From time to time we’ll share our favorties at Catavino.

-Ryan and Gabriella

Ryan Opaz

Ryan Opaz

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