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Catavino Port Lodge Map

How many times have you travelled to a gorgeous location and have little to show for it other than a camera filled with 1,001 photos that may, or may not, be edited? How many times have you broken open a city map only to find that it has as much personality as a cement wall?

We wanted to address both of these issues!

The Catavino Port Lodge Map shows the city of Vila Nova de Gaia from two perspectives, landscape and aerial, to help you navigate the winding streets infused with Port wine history in a fun and interactive way. With 28 lodges blanketing the famous Douro River, our intention was to design a stunning, hand drawn map that is not only practical, but stunning!

The initial idea came to life in 2013 when we realized that there wasn’t a comprehensive map in existence that helped a tourist navigate the Port lodges. Incomplete, visually dull, or simply inaccurate, tourists were left flailing on their own, guessing as to which lodge met their needs.

Illustrated by the talented local Portuguese artist, José Miguel Cardoso, in partnership with Catavino, the map provides comprehensive information on each and every lodge including, but not restricted to: location, contact information, tour options, wheelchair accessibility and special events. In addition, the map offers suggestions on what Portuguese cuisine to seek out, which wines to savor and where one might want to visit to get an authentic sense of the city. 

Catavino’s Port Lodge Map is a “100% Fermentado em Portugal” product, which means that it was designed and created in Portugal.

This map is also available for resale. For inquires about wholesale purchases, please contact us using the form below.