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Submit a Sample

Spanish grapesCatavino does accept samples. If you are interested in having your wines reviewed on Catavino, please follow these guidelines:


Before sending your wines, we ask that you please contact us by email beforehand. Without this email, we take no responsibility for wines that are not delivered, or are returned to you.

Please send all samples to:

C/O Ryan e Gabriella Opaz
Rua Professor Augusto Nobre 249, 2 andar
Porto, Portugal 4150-119
+351 927605381

Why Send us a Wine to Review?

Catavino is read by thousands of English speaking wine drinkers around the world looking for information about Portuguese and Spanish wines. Because we only rate Spanish and Portuguese wines, you are assured that your wine will be tasted within its own peer group. Most wine websites review wines from around the world; but as we’re focused on Iberian wines, we promise to give your wine the objectivity it deserves.


Although we appreciate any and all samples that we receive, we make no guarantee that we will write about them. We do promise to taste all samples and will if requested comment on your wines, whether we write about them or not on Catavino.net.

Rating Wines

Catavino only recommends wines that we stand behind.

If a full note is on our site, it is considered “Recommended“.

In special cases, we’ll include notes that state, “Seek This Wine Out” or “Exceptional“. These indications are only used when a wine goes above and beyond our expectations for it’s style.

From time to time, we’ll include notes on wines that are “interesting” but not really worth seeking out. In these cases, the wines will have a reason to be mentioned, either because they are made from a “lost grape variety” or fit a “unique style”.