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Create your own Delicious Portuguese Jam this Holiday

The Undiscovered Food Stories of Northern Portugal - Maria Teixeira

Fragrant, seasonal fruits and vegetables aren’t all that you’ll find at Bolhão Market. Many of the produce vendors transform their sappy melons, juicy tomatoes and gigantic gourds into tantalizing doces (jams), geleias (jelly), compotas (preserves) and marmelada (quince paste). Tomato jam is especially common in Portuguese homes as is Doce de Gila, made from the gila gourd a type of spaghetti squash. These are especially delicious once you learn their grandmother secrets to making Portuguese jams and jellies.

What makes these fruits and vegetables unique is their source. Many of the vendors at Bolhão remain connected to their villages farther north. Maria Teixeira, for instance, gets her vibrant gourds from her mother’s farm in Penafiel.

When in Portugal, pay a visit to the market to pick up a few jars of these homemade treats. Perfect to enjoy in your airbnb or to take home with you.

Want to learn more about the life cycle of Bolhao’s fruits and vegetables, check out our new book on Portuguese cuisine, The Undiscovered Food Stories of Northern Portugal.

Cheers, Sonia Andresson Nolasco & Gabriella Opaz

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