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Documentary Teaser on the Spanish Wine Region of Arribes

Zev Robinson is at it again; but then again, he never really stopped. While Zev is currently filming a documentary on Catavino, or so we think, he’s also been covering various regions across the peninsula including the Douro valley, Rioja, Jerez, and Arribes – a wine region which borders Portugal to the west.

If you ask Zev what his end goal is with his various documentaries, it’s entertaining to see him scramble for words, as his aim is broad reaching and very personal. He adores listening to people share their experiences, their emotions, perspectives and desires. He appreciates the diverse and changing landscape from one region to the next, while learning how each affects both the people and the culture. And like a sculpture, he meticulously peruses over hours upon hours of tape to find the perfect story to sculpt and bring alive.

Zev’s work has clearly blossomed over the past year, particularly in his style and personality. His first film about the native Bobal grape of Utiel-Requena, we both thought lacked a bit of a narrative,  it none the less was a good start. And having seen a recent rough cut of his documentary on the Dinastia Vivanco family, we were impressed with how his storytelling skills have matured.

Ironically, both Catavino and Zev have been growing side by side; and to tell you the truth, we’re not sure if we’ll end up in a film of his or not. As the past year has progressed, he has stumbled upon so many lost stories throughout Iberia that we truly hope they come first.. The following clip is from some work he’s been doing in the region of Arribes, a recently demarcated wine zone that borders with Portugal just west of Toro. I really love this clip as it shows Zev’s ability to let the region tell the story through the lens of the camera. If you watch closely, you’ll also notice his painterly like stills of the landscape that would serve well too in a frame on a wall.

Zev has fallen in love with the wines of Spain and Portugal, and we truly hope that he continues to record and film the stories that seem to sometimes slip through the cracks. Enjoy the clip below, I know it’s peeked my interest for more.

Ryan Opaz

Arribes (documentary trailer) from Zev Robinson on Vimeo.

The Spanish region of Arribes is a natural park next to Portugal along the Duero. It was once covered with vineyards which have today been reduced to 750 hectares and the population has dwindled. Yet a traditional way of life has been maintained and people have moved there from big cities and other countries, attracted by its possibilities and challenges. Of the twenty regions of Spain I have visited, this has to be the most fascinating.

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