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We are a licensed, insured and fully bonded tour operator and travel agency- the benefit of which means your payment and booking is secure and you can deal directly with us, not via a third party.

We understand that your time is valuable, which is why we ensure every detail covered. From hotel bookings to meal planning, we're here to make every experience an exceptional one.

Our team speaks fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese (among others), as do our guides and chauffeurs.

We customize every tour to meet your interests, dietary needs and level of activity

Throughout you experience we will provide VIP personalized customer service from the first day we chat to the moment you arrive home with memories of your trip!

Throughout your tour, we provide 100% back office support. If you need help, have a question or want to touch base, we're always available for you.

We have personally inspected and hand-selected all of our suppliers including luxury hotels, wineries, private chefs, private drivers, gourmet restaurants, etc. But more importantly, we have cultivated priceless relationships and friendships throughout Spain and Portugal that will provide you experiences few other companies can provide. 

Feel free to reach out to us by email, FB, Skype, Twitter, or Phone. We're excited to meet you and start planning your next adventure!

  1. Contact Us - Fill out the "Contact" form with as much detail as possible. 
  2. Secure Our Services - Pay Catavino's retainer to secure our 30+ years of professional travel experience in Portugal and Spain. 
  3. Develop Your Ideas - Our expert team will then analyze your request and begin an ongoing conversation with you over email or by phone to figure out the perfect itinerary for your trip at the right price.
  4. Revise and Review - After a few back-and-forths, we will send you an itinerary based on your favorite activities and tailored to your specific needs. We won't rest until we've crafted the tour just as you like it. 
  5. Book it in - As soon as your initial deposit payment is made, we'll work as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure the very best guides, hotel rooms, tastings and tours are secure.
  6. Pack your bags - As your arrival date draws closer, we’ll send you any relevant tickets or documents, as well as a detailed guide that includes: your itinerary, information about the places you’ll visit, special tips and tricks for navigating like a local and a few of our favorite hidden gems to make your trip one of a kind.
  7. Your Adventure Begins - Throughout your grand adventure, always be easy to reach and ready to help in any situation. So sit back and enjoy your Iberian experience!

After we receive payment for the deposit, we'll send you the full itinerary with all details listed. Then, just prior to your arrival date, we'll send you a comprehensive travel packet that includes: the itinerary, all necessary travel documents and any additional information that may help you on your journey. 

Our prices are based on several factors including: the number of guests in your group; the destination; the type of hotel and room; the style and number of meals; the type and number of wine visits and tastings; the number of chauffeur services included and additional activities (cooking course, food tour, guided nature walks, etc). For events or large groups, costs may also include conference rooms, conference materials, tech equipment and entertainment (Fado singer, fireworks, etc).

All of Catavino's fees are part of your quote. We earn our living via relationships with suppliers and margins on various services.

When we design a custom trip for you, we will always work to meet your proposed budget. It's incredibly important to us that you're satisfied with the end price, which is why we'll work tirelessly to refine the budget to meet your needs and requirements. 

Below, we've put together a general breakdown of Catavino's custom trips to help you budget accordingly. Keep in mind this is a guideline and is dependent on where you travel and the time of year you are traveling pricing may vary.

Price per person, per day: €300-500
Includes: 3-4 Star Lodging, airport transfers, mix of small group & private tours, breakfast daily, special “Catavino” amenities, taxes, emergency travel assistance. Excludes: International air, tips, meals & personal expenses

Price per person, per day: 500-700
Includes: 4-5 Star Lodging, private airport transfers, mix of small group & private tours, breakfast daily, some meals (if included in tour), special “Catavino” amenities, taxes, emergency travel assistance. Excludes: International air, tips & personal expenses

Price per person, per day: 700-1,200+
Includes: 5 Star lodging, VIP airport services, private transfers, private tours, breakfast daily, some meals (if included in tour), special “Catavino” amenities, taxes and emergency travel assistance. Excludes: International air, tips & personal expenses

Yes! After you've paid the retainer (covering the first 3 days of your tour) and we've discussed your dream experience in Spain and/or Portugal, you'll have your final itinerary sent to you. The itinerary will list the suggested route with the contact information for hotels, restaurants and activities. Additional days are 45€/day with a maximum fee of 450€ (10days) + IVA. If you then decide to have us manage your tour from beginning to end, we'll discount the cost of the itinerary from the final price of the tour. 

150€ Retainer Benefits
(non-refundable, but applicable to any services booked - groups smaller than 6 people)

  • Personal Consulting with one of our expert travel team
  • Direct access to our extensive network of travel suppliers and guides
  • Initial itinerary laying out our recommended routing, hotels and tours
  • Revisions to the itinerary so that you are satisfied with your final itinerary
  • Informational PDF’s about: what to bring, how to order, simple language tips, banking, health questions and more
  • We offer three options when we finish planning your trip:



  • 150€ Retainer is applied to the first 3 days of your tour;
  • Additional days are 45€/day with a maximum fee of 450€ (10days) + IVA;
  • Receive a PDF with all links to suppliers, maps for driving, and suggested timings. You can book the full itinerary by yourself;
  • If you choose to book a tour with Catavino, we will discount the above costs from the tour price.


  • 150€ Retainer is discounted from tour price;
  • Catavino books all hotels, activities and provides maps, and full color PDF document;
  • Catavino confirms and reconfirms your activities to ensure every ;
  • Catavino provides welcome pack at your hotel with printed itinerary, plus various extras to make sure your trip is memorable;
  • Catavino is on call during your time in country to solve any problems you encounter during your trip.


  • Catavino retains the Retainer should you choose not to book a tour at the end of the planning process.

After you've paid the retainer and have agreed to your ideal itinerary, Catavino will request a deposit. The amount of the deposit will depend on the time of arrival, date (high or low season) and the number of people

We accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Bank Wire.

Catavino only handles flights within the Iberian Peninsula. For example, if you're traveling from Madrid to Lisbon or Lisbon to Porto. For all travel outside of Spain or Portugal, the client is responsible for their own booking.

Every tour has its own cancellation policy based on the time of arrival, date (high or low season) and number of people.

Your passport and a visa if required (always double check with us as these requirements change). In addition, we suggest a photo ID, as well as copies of your passport saved both virtually and in a physical location other than your wallet.

Yes and no. For over a decade, we've been planning international wine events across Europe, which cultivate a strong network of people we trust. If you want to plan a wine trip in Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, France, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, or even Turkey, let us know. We can help you find the right person to work with.

Our tours are for anyone who wants to fall in love with Spain and Portugal. Whether you're a passionate wine geek, a professional chef seeking out new ingredients or a hobby painter eager to explore local galleries, we're happy to help. Our tours are highly customized to meet your physical, dietary, linguistic and cultural needs. The various itineraries on the website are sample itineraries so you can get a taste of the kinds of activities, destinations, etc we can offer. What we specialize in is a custom designed itinerary just for you!


About Catavino

Our core team is made up of passionate people who've not only traversed the globe but who've sought out the very best flavors in route. From tiny grandmother kitchens tucked away in the Spanish Pyrenees to haute cuisine in Michelin star restaurants of the Algarve, we've uncovered the very best for you!

Catavino truly cares about you and your experience. As avid travelers ourselves, we know firsthand what it's like to have a subpar experience or to have your needs not fully understood. We pride ourselves on listening, asking questions and going out of our way to ensure your experience is exactly what you had in mind.

Ryan Opaz (CEO) Having spent over a decade touring and speaking about the lifeblood of Iberia, and Knighted by the Port Wine Brotherhood, Ryan is Catavino's designated "wine guy." Word to the wise, however, never ask him for his favorite, as he's bound to respond, "The one I've never tasted." His talents also extend to jaw-dropping photography, spectacular coffee roasting, tea tastings from far-off lands and mouthwatering cuisine. "Both Spain and Portugal have a wide range of fantastic wines, but few people know the value of their sparkling wines. Portugal's Espumante and Spain's Cava are absolutely worth exploring!"

Favorite Wine Region: Dão/Bairrada
Favorite comfort food:
Tripas a moda do Porto
Favorite sweet treat:
Favorite hidden village/Aldeia/Pueblo:
Ponte de Lima
Natural Park:
Serra da Estrela
Favorite Biggish City:

Gabriella Opaz (Editor-in-Chief) Born and bred in Chicago, storytelling is Gabriella Opaz' oxygen. As an award-winning speaker and writer, she uses stories to create a human connection between worlds that would otherwise never converge. Her recently published book, "The Undiscovered Food Stories of Northern Portugal" was inspired by the alluring grandmother stories inside Porto's centenarian open-air market, Mercado Bolhão. "It's not just the food and wine that define your experience, but the locals that you share your experience with. So chat them up! It's worth every moment of your time."

Favorite Wine Region: Cava
Favorite comfort food: Espinacas con Garbanzos
Favorite sweet treat: Crema Catalana
Favorite hidden village/Aldeia/Pueblo: Llastres, Asturias
Natural Park: Cíes Islands, Galicia
Favorite Biggish City: San Sebastian

Ana Abreu (Tours Coordinator) grew up on a small farm in Coimbra where her passion for Portuguese culture flourished. "I want people to leave Portugal with the same obsession I have for my own culture!" Ana worked with Signature Travel agencies for over a decade and can attest to the hidden corners of the country that have yet to be explored like Marvão (best views ever!), São Miguel in the Azores for its natural beauty and Aguda for its spectacular beach and seafood. If you need a delicious treat, she suggests Broa with freshly grilled sardines, "There's nothing more Portuguese nor delicious. It's heaven!"

Favorite Wine Region: Douro Valley
Favorite comfort food: Carne de Porco à Alentejana
Favorite sweet treat: Pastel de Nata
Favorite hidden village/Aldeia/Pueblo: Marvão
Natural Park: Bussaco Natural Park
Favorite Biggish City: Coimbra

Andreia Barbosa (Office Ninja) Native to Porto, Andreia has not only brought her vast experience in Marketing, but her wild passion for travel having toured over 20 countries worldwide. "Though I fell madly in love with Cuba's color, Norway's vertiginous fjords, and China's diverse cuisine, I will always return to the warmth and graciousness of the Portuguese people." If you've never visited Portugal, make sure to visit the Paiva Walkways in Arouca. "Portugal is riddled with jaw-dropping riverbeds to explore. Take time to meander across their tree covered paths."

Favorite Wine Region: Vinho Verde
Favorite comfort food: Caldo Verde
Favorite sweet treat: Aletria
Favorite hidden village/Aldeia/Pueblo: Valença do Minho
Natural Park: Sintra-Cascais Natural Park
Favorite Biggish City: Braga

Catar - Spanish to look at, examine, taste or sample
Vino - Spanish for wine
Catavino - to taste wine

Catavino started as one of the very first wine blogs in the world with a dedication to exploring Spanish and Portuguese wines. Hence the name reflected Ryan and Gabriella's initial desire to taste as many styles of Iberian wine possible. Today, Catavino is using their 30+ years of combined wine and food experience crafting luxury custom tours throughout Spain and Portugal for travelers with a passion to explore the world.

Catavino's main office is in Porto, Portugal with a satellite in Madrid, Spain.

Ryan and Gabriella Opaz founded Catavino in 2005 as a blog about Spanish and Portuguese wine. In 2013, Catavino evolved into an Incoming Tour Operator and D.M.C. (Destination Management Company) for the entire Iberian Peninsula