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Grape Profile – Rufete

Rufete Grapes

Rufete – roo-FEH-te (Spanish Pronounciation)
Portuguese Pronounciation (Flash must be enable to hear this clip.) [sc_embed_player fileurl=”https://catavino.net/pronCVS/rufeteCVS.mp3″]

A red grape that is grown mainly in the province of Salamanca that not only produces light wines that can oxidize quickly if not treated with care, but also dark colored wines with rich fruit flavors and noticeable tannins. Recent attempts have been made to make a quality wine from this grape but has yielded mixed results. The future, however, is looking a bit brighter for the Spanish wine grape Rufete as more Bodegas invest in better technology and newer wine making practices.

Recent Tastings and Catavino notes:

I remember getting a mixed shipment of new Spanish wines back in Minnesota for which Vina Salamanca imported by Billington Imports was included. Listed on the label were two grape varietals, Tempranillo and Rufete, that were blended together to make this particular wine. Unfamiliar with the wine, but always up for trying a new style, I quickly took one home and popped it open. What I found inside was a revelation as the typical red fruit from Tempranillo merged with the more earthy and primal flavors of Rufete. Here was a wine that caused me to do a double take, creating a strong desire to search out others just like it. Unfortunately, much to my chagrin, I was unable to find anything even remotely close until I stepped foot in Spain and found versions of Rufete both blended and by itself. In truth, the single varietals haven’t knocked me off my feet but they have presented new interesting flavors that fortell a solid future for this grape.

Listed below are two wines made from Rufete that I have tried this past year. The first one is the Tiriñuelo that retails for approximately four Euros, while the Cambrico can be found for around thirty Euros. Both are interesting, and in truth, while sipping on the Tiriñuelo after having been open for one day, the tannins hd softened allowing the fruit to come forward more. Try it for yourself and see if you agree – if only to add it to your [wine grape collection->http://www.delongwine.com/century.html]!


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