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Masks and Wines in Lisbon

While meandering through the windy cobbled streets of Lisbon, we stumbled upon an art opening that highlighted the traditions of masks and costumes that are prevalent through out Spain and Portugal. A true Iberian event!
The best part of our happen chance experience, was the unexpected wine tasting that showcased the regions where the masks were both used and traditionally celebrated. Obviously, we couldn’t pass this up, so we paid our 2.50 Euros and not only saw amazing masks, traditional garb and photographs of the festivals themselves, but we also had a chance to try some AMAZING sparkling wines from the producer, Murganheira. We love sparkling wines from all over, but these were something special, and we were fortunate enough to have met the winemaker of Murganheira the following day at Viniportugal.

History of Mascara Iberica

Mascara Iberica (Iberian Mask) exposition not only creates cross cultural dialogue between Spain and Portugal, but is an effort to preserve and promote the cultural traditions of Iberia as a whole. The exhibit we attended featured mask traditions from Galicia, Spain and Zamora, while showing over 60 photographs from 17 different celebrations, as well as 12 original masks and 4 mannequins in traditional dress. “Mascara Iberica” has also been published as a book by Bernardo Calvo Briones, Antonio Pinelo and Helder Ferreria.

Today, the festival is considerably larger highlighting regional music, artisans, cooking shows, photo exhibits, dance shows, as well as workshops that focus on regional crafts. If you can’t make this event, there are heaps of other opportunities to see the traditional Portuguese costumes, such as the Mask Museum in Bragança, or the Caretos of Podence which occurs in the North during Lent. The village of Lazarim is a fabulous place for some eye-catching carved wooden masks. Otherwise, feel free to contact us for a Lisbon Food, Wine and Culture Tour if you’re needing to explore the wee nooks and crannies of the city!


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