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O-Port-Unidade: A Fantastic Collaborative Project for Charity

Purple FeetEver try and get a small group of friends together for a photo? A bit like herding cats, no? Now imagine getting 16 of the top Port producers together for a photo?! O-Port-Unidade is a small project started by our friend and one time contributor on Catavino, Axel Probst of WorldofPort.de. Not only was this a convenient way to get a photo of the port wine trade’s most important individuals, but it has turned into a great way of  giving back to the community.

The O-Port-Unidade project will happen on September 22nd, 2013, when sixteen port producers gather at Vale Mendiz to stomp, crush and presumably dance their way around lagars filled with grapes from each wineries vineyards. VIP’s from each Port House will be represented from the houses of:  Alves de Sousa, Andresen, Quinta do Crasto, Duorum, Ferreira, Quinta de la Rosa, Niepoort, Quinta Nova, Quinta do Noval, Pocas, Quinta do Portal, Quevedo, Ramos Pinto, Real Compania Velha, Rozes, Sandeman, Syminton Family Estates, Quinta Vale d. Maria and Vallegre.

“The idea is not to create the best VP ever, since this would be not really possible. Instead we want to create a good PR for Port, get the producers a bit closer together and let the Douro profit from charity,” says Axel.

The majority of the profits garnered from the sale of the cuvee and any other revenues will be donated to Bagos d’ouro which supports underprivileged children and youth across the Douro by monitoring their school career and create opportunities to develop life skill based projects.

Like many things in life, the inception of this ambitious project stemmed from a simple desire. According to Axel, ” I needed a photo for my upcoming Port wine book and had the very tempting idea to have all VIP Producers treading together in a lager instead of all the anonymous guys you see elsewhere. The idea evolved. Sophia Bergqvist of Quinta de la Rosa asked my what I was going to do with the wine and the idea of a cuvee arose. Luisa Amorim of Quinta Nova asked me what I would be doing with the money, so the charity factor joined.”

Catavino loves collaboration, and to see a large group of producers working together as a team for a good cause is newsworthy, not to mention FUN! We can only hope this becomes the first of many future cuvees.

Please check out the O-Port-Unidade project HERE, and stay tuned to Catavino as we’ll announce where and when the bottles will be released, not to mention sharing photos from the actual stomp.


Ryan and Gabriella

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