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Port – Uncovering this Hidden Treasure in the Algarve

Editor’s Note: Our newest contribution is from Eddie and Moses, founders of the recently created blog, The Algarve Buzz. If you haven’t had a chance to peruse their blog, I highly suggest doing so. The Algarve Buzz is not only an incredibly attractive site filled with interesting and well-written articles on everything from how Halloween in celebrated in Portugal to traditional recipes such as Risotto de Polvo (Octopus Risotto), but if you ever have a desire to visit the south of Portugal, their website will provide you a host of tips as to where spend your vacation when your time is rather limited. Today, in celebration of Port month at Catavino, they’ve offered some fabulous advice of places to check out if you’re a port lover in the Algarve.

Although port wine originates north of Algarve in the Douro that doesn’t stop southerners or the many tourist who visit the Algarve from enjoying the pleasures of a fine glass of port.

So how does one get the best of both worlds – the great weather of the Algarve plus, the fine flavors of port from the north, without actually having to travel there? Firstly, let’s qualify the difference between tasting port in Porto and tasting port in the Algarve.

In Porto you have the caves, the estates, the culture of wine and port in every breath you take. There is noting like being there, kind of like watching the world cup from gold seats and watching it on TV. However, the Algarve is stunningly beautiful, has incredible weather, nightlife, relaxing lifestyle, great food and its own exotic, warm charm and culture. So, like wine it all comes down to personal taste. If you want the authentic feel of dark humid caves, massive oak barrels and the smell of wine surrounding youâ€Â¦then you should definitely take a trip Porto. However, if you’re looking to holiday on sunny relaxed beaches, incredible weather all year round, great nightlife, a slower pace and some time to unwind, then the Algarve is the place for you.

The Algarve doesn’t have cold dark caves but we do have beautiful restaurants, bars and nightspots where you can finish off a great meal with, what elseâ€Â¦a fine port. Here in the south we’re loaded with all sorts of wonderful food and wine from around the country; the trick is to know where to get the good stuff. As with many things in the Algarve, finding the treasure means knowing the lay of land. Since many great finds, are still very much under the radar, I’ve done some digging to come up with the “Port Sweet Spots” to try. So, if you’re a port connoisseur or a curious novice, and a warm relaxed climate is for you – check out these hidden gems here in the Algarve.

I’ve noted my personal picks with *

Gourmet Shops



Wine Bar

Thanks Eddie! We truly appreciate the suggestions and encourage anyone who has either visited any of these places, or have additional suggestions as where we should enjoy Port in the Algarve, to leave a comment!

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