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Port Wine Geek Quiz!

Well HELLO there! Welcome to Catavino’s Port Wine Geek Quiz Page!

If you’ve found this page, you’ve not only found the coolest shirt in the world, but are dying to know the secret behind its creation! Great question. Our goal is to give a shout out to all those Port Wine Geeks who simply don’t get enough recognition. You know who you are: you lovers of aged Tawnies, aficionados of stellar Vintage port and die-hard fans of Colheitas!

The question being, do you have what it takes to become a Port Wine Geek master!? Can you decode the T-shirt to unlock the Port Wine Mystery? If you can, you’ll be listed on our Catavino Port Wine Geek Hall of Fame! Does life get any better?! Simply take the quiz and see how your Geekery fares!

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Small Print:  you could just  google yourself cross-eyed searching for the answers, but how fun is that?! A true Port Wine Geek wouldn’t have to, no would their ethics allow them to. Our suggestion: break open a bottle of port and see how many letters you can associate to specific Port Lodge brands? You can do it! And even if you can’t figure out every letter, who cares! You’re chilling out drinking port!! Lifeis not bad.