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Kopke – Established in 1638 by German diplomat Cristiano Kopke, the house of Kopke is universally recognized as the first Port wine export company in history. Their wines are produced with grapes from their famous Quinta Sao Luiz, not a bad location if you’re looking for gorgeous views. In 2006, it joined the Sogevinus Group, focusing approximately 80% on Tawny ports, while maintaining stocks for over 100 years. They’re internationally recognized for their Colheita single year Tawnies, and bottles that are sketched with the Kopke name.


Croft – Founded in 1588 by John Croft, it’s the oldest firm still active today as a Port wine producer. By the early 19th century, the firm acquired the famous estate of Quinta da Roêda: a meandering estate set against a backdrop of rugged mountains that produces wine for their prized Vintage Port. In 2001, Croft was sold to the Taylor-Fladgate Fonseca group but continues to excel in Vintage Ports as well as wood aged reserves and tawnies. They also create a white and rose port that are fabulous for an afternoon cocktail!


Ramos Pinto – Founded in 1880 by Adriano Ramos Pinto, the brand owes its growth and popularity to its vast exports to Brazil in the beginning of the 20th century. Adriano Ramos was also a gifted artist and marketer, who initiated a campaign using his famous Ramos-Pinto posters, which to this day, grace wine shops all over the world. If you’re looking for something funky, yet elegant, to grace a naked wall, make a beeline over to their lodge! In 1990, Ramos Pinto was incorporated into the Roederer Group.


Taylors – Taylor’s is one of the only independent family owned wineries in the Douro, and controls the Fladgate Partnership which encompasses Fonseca, Croft and Delaforce. Now well into its fourth century, Taylor’s is one of the very oldest of the Port houses. Taylor’s was the first to commercialize a Single Quinta (Estate) Vintage with their 1958 Quinta de Vargellas. Taylor’s was also one of the first shippers to offer a 10 & 20 year old Aged Tawny ports, and in the early 1970’s, it pioneered the Late Bottled Vintage (or LBV) style.


Warre’s – Warre’s, founded in 1670, was the first British Port company established in Portugal. The structure, style and quality of Warre’s Ports are defined by its vineyards. Its main and largest vineyards include Quinta da Cavadinha, Quinta de Retiro Antigo and Quinta de Telhada. Further to these, Warres also produces from a collection of other vineyards that are privately owned by members of the Symington family – for whom they are currently owned by. These include Quinta do Alvito and Quinta das Netas. Warres is best known for their Vintage Ports.


Niepoort – Through five generations, the formally Dutch owned business has successfully been passed down since 1842. Their mission is simple, to create great Port and Douro wines through secular tradition and innovation. This combination has come to include two other regions that have contributed to marking out the Douro – Bairrada – Dão triangle. Niepoort is also famed for their “Projectos Wines”, which include all the wines under the “Niepoort Projectos“ label. They are experiences made in partnership with other producers such as Alvaro de Castro; Spanish winemaker Telmo Rodriguez; Spanish winemaker Raul Perez; Muhr van der Niepoort wines, produced in Austria together with Dorli Muhr; among many others.


Noval – Mentioned in land registries dating back to 1715 – sold only twice in that time; Quinta do Noval has retained its reputatio n as an innovative, independent producer. Noval made its reputation with the vintage declaration of 1931. Due to world recession and vast shipment of 27’s, it was one of only three shippers declared in 1931. Noval introduced the first stenciled bottles and in 1958 the first house to introduce a Late Bottled Vintage.


Burmester – Dating back to the early 18th century, Burmester, was once known for its remarkable collection of Tawnies, but it’s turned heads to become a vintage player under the ownership of Sogevinus, the vinous arm of a Spanish bank that has also purchased Calem, Barros and Kopke.


Graham’s – Graham’s Port was founded in 1820 by Scottish brothers William and John Graham in Oporto, Portugal. The brothers, who already came from a successful entrepreneurial family, dedicated themselves to producing a line of fine vintage Ports. In 1890, they becam e one of the first Port quintas (estates) to source fruit from the upper Douro Valley and established the property Quinta dos Malvedos. In that same year, the brothers opened the Graham’s Lodge in Vila Nova da Gaia, to store and showcase their wines. In 1970, Graham’s was sold to the Symington family. Aside from vintage, Graham’s also produces Ports in every style from Tawny to Ruby, Late Bottle Vintage (LBV), Crusted and White, as well as famed, Six Grapes Port.


Offley – Offley, a pioneering, contemporary Porto wine brand, with almost 3 centuries of heritage and experience, became famous due to Joseph J Forrester, who was later bestowed with the title of Baron by the King of Portugal, for his fundamental role in the expansion of both Offley and the Porto wine. Estabilished in London in 1737 by William Offley, they claim to be the first lodge to produce a Port rosé wine. In 1995, Sogrape added Offley to its portfolio.


Real Companhia Velha – Founded in 1756 by a Royal Charter of King José I, King of Portugal, under the auspices of his Prime Minister the Marquês of Pombal, the Real Companhia Velha, also known as Royal Oporto Wine Company, is the oldest Port Wine company of Portugal. Real Companhia Velha also produces Douro reds including: Evel and Porca da Murça, both of which started out as respected brands when they were conceived in the 1920s and 1930s. The pride of the range is Evel Grande Escolha. Quinta dos Aciprestes, opposite the railway station at Tua, is now the source of some exciting reds from Portuguese varietals, while the whites of Quinta de Cidrô are made of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.


Cockburn’s – Cockburn’s (Coh-burns) was founded in 1815 and has grown to become one of the world’s great port houses. Makers of a complete line of fine ports, including Cockburn’s Special Reserve, Cockburn’s is known worldwide for its mature, less sweet wine style. Being the largest vineyard owner in the Port district gives Cockburn’s significant access to stocks of aged wines for its many fine blends. Cockburn’s family of ports includes Special Reserve, Vintage Port, Anno (Late Bottled Vintage) and Quinta dos Canais (Single Quinta Vintage), Fine Ruby, Fine Tawny, and 10- and 20-year-old Tawnies. In 2010 was bought by Symington Family Estates.


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