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Porto: Stories from Portugal’s Historic Bolhão Market

We are thrilled to announce that we have launched the second edition of our book! Currently available on Amazon, the newly titled “Porto: Stories and Recipes from Portugal’s Historic Bolhao Market” is perfect for those who adore a heartfelt gastronomic tale about Portuguese cuisine!


Why did we focus on the coastal city of Porto? Because we not only live here, but Porto is an essential stop for anyone traveling to Portugal. For those taking a gastrotour of Europe, this book makes the case for planning a stop in Northern Portugal to experience a truly authentic eating experience in a city with a thriving food scene. Our book PORTO serves as an introduction to one of the world’s greatest, though often overlooked, culinary regions and provides an insider’s view of its food traditions through the stories of the people who know and love the city best.

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PORTO is a photo-rich mix of stories, history, cultural anthropology, and recipes, making it a must-read for anyone who wants to visit this revitalized city. Two of the most prominent and awarded Portuguese chefs—José Avillez, chef and owner of Michelin-starred Belcanto in Lisbon, and Rui Paula, co-owner of Michelin-starred Casa de Chá da Boa Nova in Porto—have given our book their seal of approval, contributing the Foreword and Afterword, respectively. Told through the stories of the vendors and artisan food producers of Bolhão, a historic, once- thriving open-air market that has fallen into disrepair, this book captures the generations’ old culinary traditions of Northern Portugal. What emerges is an urgent, heartfelt portrait of a city, told through the stories and recipes of the people trying to keep its culinary legacy alive. 

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And to celebrate this fabulous launch, we’re offering a 500 euro discount on a 7 day Food Tour through Northern Portugal!  Guided by one of the co-authors, Gabriella Opaz, this week long food and wine tour delves into the fresh, homegrown ingredients and homemade dishes that has made Portugal a foodie destination! 

248 Pages hardcover| Language: English | 200+ Color Photos | 9 Recipes | + restaurant recommendations