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Recap of Last Weeks Trip to the Penedes (more to come!)


Hello everyone! We are sympathetic to how irregular posting is unbecoming of any blog, but when you’ve been as busy as we have, you would understand our delay. Between a trip to both Madrid and the Penedes, coupled with two good friends visiting us along with our internet being out of commission – thanks to the Spanish Telecoms, we were overwhelmed to say the least! But we’re slowly getting back on track despite our full plates.

Currently, I’m still editing audio interviews from my trip to the Penedes, including one with Miguel Torres’ daughter, Mireia Torres. I was fortunate enough to have had lunch with her last Monday enjoying the opportunity to get close with one of Spain’s most important wine families. This interview was followed by a trip to the Jean Paul winery, which is currently run by the Torres family but continues to make wines independent of the Torres brand. Our visit was followed by several other bodegas leaving me with tasting notes from seven wineries in total.

The trip itself was arranged by a friend of mine who manages the World Wine Database, soon to be known as Winemeetingpoint.com. He offered me a room at the new Wine Spa of the winery Can Bonastre. In all honesty, I felt a little strange accepting his invitation knowing full well how impossible it is to be objective. On the other hand I can say that what the winery is doing there looks to be a good thing for the region as a whole. They are the first hotel/spa in the region that has wine at heart of it’s operations. Their attention to detail and desire to bring wine tourism to the entire region is an incredible goal and one which supports both the community and collaboration among wineries. Although they have only been open for approximately a week, I’m excited to see how they end up doing in their first year.

Can Bonastre also offers a fine restaurant, tasting facilities and beautiful gardens. It is located within twenty minutes of almost any winery in DO Penedes, conveniently situated for you to take day trips. On the flipside, the hotel is small and exclusive, and like I’ve mentioned in the past, this is a problem. While the overall image of the region may be helped by wineries such as themselves, their price will not allow many people to enjoy the facilities. But this is not to say you can’t make the best of what they do offer in a reasonable price range such as their wine shop where you can try several different wines.

In other news, I’m heading back to the States in two weeks! It’s been approximately two years since we left and I’m expecting some full on culture shock. I hope that I can gently adjust without getting slammed with Jetlag. God knows that I am looking forward to some hoppy beer, Californian wine and bagels. Spain does not have bagels and we miss a lox bagel every once in awhile.

Back to the audio editing. Talk soon,

Ryan Opaz

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