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Recipe: Piri Piri Peppers Preserved in Olive Oil and Whiskey

Preparation 15 easy
Recipe type: Condiment Cuisine: Portuguese

If using straight piri piri is too much for you, here’s an old-school family recipe to try at home, capable of being used a bit at a time. You can add it to traditional Portuguese dishes such as Frango no Churrasco (BBQ chicken), Cozido à Portuguesa (pheasant stew), Carne de Porco Alentejana (pork and clams) or simply create your own Portuguese hot sauce for whatever dish you choose. I personally love it with sautéed shrimp, basted chicken or in a bowl of Portuguese stone soup during the cold season to clear things right up!

Beware! Like all hot peppers, we suggest using gloves when handling them, or simply to wash your hands thoroughly when finished. The last you want is to touch your eye, or your kid, after handling wicked hot peppers! (photo by woodywonderworks)

Try this recipe at home, and if you’re needing an excuse to explore Portuguese gastronomy here in Portugal, then book one of our Lisbon Food ToursPorto Food ToursAlgarve Food Tours or a Custom Food Tour designed just for you!


  • Dried Piri Piri Peppers
  • Olive oil
  • Whiskey (or vinegar if you must)
  • 1 clean jar and lid


  1. Prep the peppers by cutting down the middle of the pepper length wise, being careful to not touch the inside seeds too much. Place the peppers in the clean jar.
  2. Pour one part whiskey and one part olive oil into the jar to fill it and cover the peppers completely. Stir with a wooden skewer or put the lid on and just shake for a few minutes.
  3. Store the preserved peppers at room temperature. Wait a couple of days and you’ll have a very strong and spicy mix that is good for at least a month, but I’ve been told a year will do.

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