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Senseless Crime: A Priorat Winery is Hit with Vandalism

Not an hour ago, Catalan blogger, Joan Gomez Pallares of Devinis requested that we hit the internets with an important Press Release. Normally, we’re not ones to republish PR’s verbatim, but in this case, we feel you should hear it directly from the winery itself.

We tried to call the winery, Terroir al Limit, for a statement but no one answered, understandably so. Also keep in mind that although petty crime is common in Spain, we rarely hear of vandalism of this nature – or of violent crime at all – and are truly saddened for the winery, extending our deepest sympathies.

If you would like to contact the winery directly for more information, just head over to the the Terroir al Límit website, or better yet, see if you can pick up a bottle of their wine near you. I’m sure they would appreciate the support!

On the night of the 13th of June 2011, in the village of Torroja del Priorat, Spain, an appalling and almost unthinkable event took place at the cellar of the Terroir Al Limit winery.

The cellar locks were broken open, and a terrible act of vandalism followed. The taps of some tanks were simply opened and wine allowed to flow out onto the floor. Many casks of wine in the cellar were ruined by contamination with household bleach.

The owners of Terroir al Limit, Dominik Huber, Eben Sadie and Jaume Sabaté, strongly condemn this unexplained act. It was not as direct or dramatic as an assault on human life, but is in some way an assault on mankind and a crime of unthinkable measure. Was it some expression of hatred or sheer vandalism? There is no obvious underlying reason, and no-one has admitted responsibility for the cowardly act of destruction.

The case is being investigated by the police, and local authorities. The Denominació d Denominació d’Origen Priora Origen Prioratt will issue its own statement. The case is also being refered to the  Generalitat de Catalunya (Provincial Govenment),  whose viticultural and wine department (Institut Català de la Vinya i el Vi – INCAVI) is to analyse all the wines remaining in the cellar. Any contaminated wines (perhaps some 25% of the production) will be destroyed by INCAVI.

Terroir al Limit was formed in 2004 from the union of two wines made in this cellar – Sadie’s Dits del Terra and Huber’s Arbossar.  It has very quickly become one of the most respected and acclaimed wineries in Spain, with local and international awards and recognition. The three men responsible for its vineyards and its wine, while deeply shaken by this hateful and senseless vandalism, are adamant in their determination to move forward with their project. They say: “We thank all those who have already supported us unconditionally from the moment they heard of this senseless act.”

Dominik Huber, Eben Sadie, Jaume Sabaté – Download the official press release here

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