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Spanish Wines to Make Tax Season More Enjoyable

Spanish wineTax season. It’s that time of the year when that all-too-familiar nausea builds in the pit of your stomach. Your hands sweat, your head pounds, your entire state of being goes into a fit of panic. The word “audit” circles through your mind, and no matter how fabulous you are at keeping records, you look back through the year and say, “Holy Jesus, did we really spend that much on our new Bentley?!” Okay, maybe it was more like a Kia, but that bottle of Gin is still sitting half empty as your mind quickly escapes to white sand beaches and leisurely swims among trick performing dolphins.

Hence, in order to make this year more tolerable, let us provide you with a quick and easy list of Spanish wines to pair with your taxes. This list is broken down in three distinct groups that will help your shoulders loosen, your heart calm to a steady beat and your status update to read, “feeling damn good”.

Taxes Owed – Think Fortified!

You know where the numbers are heading and you’re none to pleased about it. Sure, you could have held back on purchasing the 50,000 diamond encrusted bluetooth headset, but at the time, you swore it was a household necessity. Our suggestion: jump in the car and make a beeline to your local fortified section. You need something strong yet silky, a wine to take the edge off while making sweet love to your senses. Look for a stunning bottle of Amontillado Sherry. An Amontillado once was an ageing Fino that sadly lost its flor in the process of maturing in it’s cask, and instead of a like delicate fino ended up creating a rich, nutty wine to drown your tax sorrows in. It’s the type of wine that will still keep you fresh and alert, but with enough “oomph” that you’ll be smiling through flashing red columns. And don’t worry about the price tag. There are plenty of wine deals out there to help you stick to your 2015 budget.

Breaking Even – Fresh White Wine

So you bought an elliptical machine, saw U2 live and remodelled your guest bathroom to include a bidet that you may, or may not, ever use, but nothing that will land you in the red. Hence, you’re happy. Clearly better than last year when you purchased a “small” 3000 square foot cabin in Aspen before selling your modest digs in Boise. Paying property taxes…twice, wasn’t all that fun, now was it? But hey, you learned your lesson, and you can now kick back, soak up the afternoon sun, and revel in your sound judgement with a glass of Verdejo. It’s a Spanish white varietal with enough zest and flavor that you’ll swear you spent a fortune despite the very reasonable ticket price. Other fab options might include Godello, Txacoli, or my favorite, Xarel.lo!

Tax Refund – Break out the Bubbles!

Woohoo!! You just received a sweet refund check to throw the biggest party of the year! We’re talking beluga caviar, white truffles and enough bubbles to lift the Titanic. What kind of bubbles you ask? Simple, look for Cava! Cava is sparkling wine made in Spain. It’s fresh, oh so delicious, and the perfect pairing to that massive order of lobsters you just shipped in from Maine. Add that life sized ice sculpture of the Sagrada Familia, and you’re going to be the most popular party of the year! Brands to look out for include: Recaredo’s Turo d’en Mota, Gramona or Raventos i Blanc who recently left the DO of Cava, but who still makes some of the best sparkling wine anywhere in the world.

Feeling better? Has that fear and loathing eased into joy and contentment, a deep sensation that life isn’t so bad after all? Fabulous! Now get out there and explore!

Gabriella Opaz

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