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The Undiscovered Food Stories of Northern Portugal

Cowritten by Catavino’s own Gabriella Opaz and Sonia Andresson Nolasco, The Undiscovered Food Stories of Northern Portugal  (republished internationally as Porto: Stories from Portugal’s Bolhao Market) weaves the full tapestry of Northern Portugal’s culinary heritage through the life and food stories of the region’s most iconic food market–Bolhão Market. It’s as much about food as it is about identity and human connection. It not only validates the importance of traditional markets as a model for the interconnection of people and food, but it emphasizes the importance of preserving and protecting gastronomical identities. It generates awareness and interest for this market as well as the sustainable and mindful lifestyle it represents. In each chapter, the authors bite into culinary history, compelling life stories and social commentary, while offering cultural and travel highlights to enrich a visit to Portugal. From grandmother recipes to sage tips on cooking octopus, the book provides a comprehensive and indepth look into an up-and-coming cuisine.

Book Reviews

I can’t stress enough how important it is to celebrate our culture, to promote our talents and to pass down our passions to new generations—because there are certain things in life that are bigger than any of us. A book that highlight the best of what’s made in Portugal, in a region, in a market like Bolhão, will not only inspire people to come live and breathe our story, but they’ll help us appreciate what we already have. To me, Bolhão is more than a market. It’s our soul. It’s our roots. Because once we lose our roots, nothing else grows.   Rui Paula, award-winning chef and founder of  DOC, DOP and Boa Nova restaurants in the North of Portugal, as well as Recife in Brazil.

This book is a visual and gustatory hymn to the honest, simple foods of Northern Portugal as well as a portrait of the proud and welcoming vendors of Bolhão Market who sell and cook it. Flipping through its pages, I felt a tremendous sense of saudades—an indescribable longing—for my adopted country. David Leite, author of the award-winning cookbook The New Portuguese Table

This book is a wonderful culinary journey through the history of Bolhão market, the city of Porto and the little known wonderful recipes of Northern Portugal. An exploration and delicious education rolled into one, this book is a must have and deserves to be part of one’s Portuguese culinary library. It certainly will be part of mine. Ana Patuleia Ortins, author of Portuguese Homestyle Cooking and Authentic Portuguese Cooking

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