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Latest entries about cuisine

The Undiscovered Inland Cuisine of Portugal – Part I

written by Sonia Nolasco | 20th July 2015

The interior of Portugal is, unfortunately, often overlooked. That’s too bad, especially for foodies searching for unique eats beyond the mouthwatering fish and seafood on the coast and the regional dishes that the bustling cities recreate. Granted, I understand that driving into the mountains of Portugal or through windy, ancient villages isn’t as easy as getting around major hubs,...

Move over Paris: Porto is the New Gastronomic Grand Dame of Europe

written by Gabriella Opaz | 8th July 2015

Over the past year, Portugal’s name has splashed across travel, culture and nature magazines as “the place” to visit if you’re looking for authenticity and adventure. It’s become synonymous with quality, with kindness, and most importantly, with unprecedented gastronomy! “Portugal never had a food revolution, like France and Spain,” explains Chef George Mendes of New York City’s Aldea. “But...
Private Porto


Port Wine Tour with Ryan Opaz

Eager to taste a wide range of spectacular Port wine with a Knight of the Port Wine Brotherhood? Are you...

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Private Lisbon


Lisbon Culinary Experience

Meet the passionate people crafting old-school Portuguese food deep inside Lisbon’s traditional neighborhoods. Visit the traditional hole-in-the-wall bakeries famed for their...

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Private Barcelona


Barcelona Market Tour & Cooking Class

On this four hour Barcelona Cooking Class and Market Tour, you’ll have the rare opportunity to ease your way into...

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Spanish Nightlife: 10 tips on how to have the most fun

written by Melissa Leighty | 15th April 2015

If I knew then what I know now, I would have saved myself a lot of trouble. These are the words of an expatriate and those of a traveler. They are the words that I utter after every trip gone awry and also after those that went off, mostly, without a hitch. Yet, it’s also something that I think...

Indian Spices: The Hidden Story of Portuguese Foods Global Influence

written by Rochelle Ramos | 9th March 2015

I love the flavors you get when cooking with Portuguese ingredients. I’ve learned that the food in Portugal can be intense, yet sophisticated. It bursts with flavors, yet somehow remains uncomplicated. How did a country, known for rustic cuisine, fuse exotic and foreign flavors so seamlessly that it’s become ingrained in the traditional cooking. For instance, take a bowl of meat and...

African Influence on Portugal

written by Rochelle Ramos | 25th February 2015

When I look at the timeworn façades across Portugal, listen to the tune in the language, or taste the spice of the food and I find it fascinating when I realize how much of it is influenced by the warm, culturally rich continent to the south, Africa. The strong Arabic structures of the Lisbon walls and the Castelo dos...

Portuguese Squash and Root Vegetables: Pure Comfort Food

written by Rochelle Ramos | 24th November 2014

Like any good Americana, the smell of roasted root vegetables and spiced pumpkin are what I call the “scent” of autumn. It’s that smell that comes to mind when the leaves gently metamorphous from green to burnt orange, maroon and mustard yellow; when the air takes on the bite of frost; when your wardrobe changes from thin to thick wool layers....
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