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Latest entries about Madeira

A Beginner’s Guide to Madeira Wine

written by Ryan Opaz | 20th January 2016

Please enjoy our Beginner’s Guide to Madeira wine! Should you desire a more comprehensive experience, come join us for our Madeira Wine and Food Tours! Did you know that Madeira was poured during Thomas Jefferson’s toast at the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, or that it was savored at the inauguration of George Washington shortly thereafter? At one time,...

Friday Feature Photo: The Extraterrestrial Landscape of Portugal

written by Gabriella Opaz | 28th August 2015

Photographer: Ryan Opaz Capture Date: July 21, 2015 Location: Pico do Arieiro, Portugal About: There’s a reason why people fawn over Pico do Arieiro, Portugal’s third highest mountain…it’s absolutely breathtaking. Your mind wonders to alien planets where laws of gravity don’t seem to apply. It’s just you, the red rocky terrain and thousands of puffy white clouds that insulate you from...
Private Funchal


Madeira: Premium Wine Experience

If you’re craving a vivacious botanical garden of volcanic soil where shoots permeate from even the smallest of surfaces, you’ll adore...

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Private Funchal, Madeira


Madeira Market & Wine Tour

You know that ever-so-frequent moment when your mind starts drifting to a tropical island filled with swaying palm trees, soaring cliffs...

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Private Porto


Port Wine Tour with Ryan Opaz

Eager to taste a wide range of spectacular Port wine with a Knight of the Port Wine Brotherhood? Are you...

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12 Top Tips to Visiting Madeira

written by Gabriella Opaz | 13th August 2015

You know that ever-so-frequent moment when your mind starts drifts to a tropical island filled with swaying palm trees, soaring cliffs and vine covered mountains? That place where you conjure up an afternoon of gratuitous lounging, filled with copious amounts of wine and food while listening to soft island tunes in the background? Fortunate for you, the only difference between a daydream and...

Book Review – Madeira: The Islands and their Wines?

written by Catherine Fisher | 6th July 2015

Richard Mayson’s newest book, Madeira: The Islands and their Wines, is exactly what I needed. Let me explain. I’d just become a part-time wine student, and went to class one evening a week, initially just to get a bit of variety from life at my full-time day job. I was telling a friend about my recent enrollment in ‘wine...

Interview with Nelson Carvalheiro: Award Winning Portuguese Travel Writer

written by Gabriella Opaz | 19th January 2015

Editor’s Note: Today we’re heading off the beaten path to introduce Nelson Carvalheiro, an award winning Portuguese travel and photo blogger who’s been garnering heaps of attention for his dynamic and passionate tales. We, however, are more interested in what causes saudades (homesickness) when he’s thousands of miles from home.  What instigated your desire to travel? Do you have an Portuguese explorer gene lodged...

Portugal Offers ‘Best Value’ in UK Supermarkets

written by Robert McIntosh | 19th December 2014

Of course we want the BEST wine. But let’s be honest, we don’t mean the ‘best’ like Magnus Carlsen is the Best Chess player in the World, or Noma is the Best Restaurant in the World. What we really mean is something more like: “I want the wine that will give me the most pleasure for the amount of...
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