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Latest entries about Spanish cuisine

The Essential Travelers Guide to Ordering Fish in Spain

written by Melissa Leighty | 7th April 2015

Standing in a Spanish pescadería can be intimidating, even to the most acclimated gringo. Unlike in the U.S., where the fish counters are neat and organized, filets in even rows, a Spanish fish market is not for the squeamish. Whole fish are displayed on ice, heads and tails in tact. Large shiny eyes stare up at you, mouths gape wide to...

The Best Tapas and Wine Bars in Madrid

written by Carla Bigio | 8th May 2013

If you’re eager to taste a wide variety of tapas in Madrid, the one main issue you will have is choosing where to go. Navigating the labyrinthine streets with bars that are absolutely packed with people on both sides of the streets, makes you pause in hesitation wondering which one is best? Well, here is a list of my personal...
Private Porto


Port Wine Tour with Ryan Opaz

Eager to taste a wide range of spectacular Port wine with a Knight of the Port Wine Brotherhood? Are you...

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Private Lisbon


Lisbon Culinary Experience

Meet the passionate people crafting old-school Portuguese food deep inside Lisbon’s traditional neighborhoods. Visit the traditional hole-in-the-wall bakeries famed for their...

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Private Barcelona


Barcelona Market Tour & Cooking Class

On this four hour Barcelona Cooking Class and Market Tour, you’ll have the rare opportunity to ease your way into...

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Iberian Book Review: Pete Wolstencroft’s “Tapas and Tintos”

written by Burt Frink | 19th September 2012

Pete Wolstencroft’s Tapas and Tintos was electronically thrown on my desk from Catavino suggesting that it had my name on it. Maybe it did, and maybe it didn’t, but there it was, and I settled in with a set of expectations led by the title. Well, it is not a book on Spanish food and wine. The longer I...

Jamóning It Up In London

written by Rick Fisher | 28th June 2011

I’m always searching for truly unique food and wine experiences. I’m no Andrew Zimmern or Anthony Bourdain, but I do seek to step out of the norm from time to time. A recent trip to London allowed me just the unique opportunity for which I have been searching. Happening upon the site for a London Spanish-food staple, Brindisa, yielded...

Connecting with Curious Palates in Brooklyn: Spanish Wine and Cheese Tasting

written by Guest Blogger | 19th May 2011

Editor’s Note: Today’s article comes from Diane Letulle, an passionate wine writer who we’ve known for quite some time. Today is her submission after attending a Spanish wine and cheese tasting in NYC by another good friend of ours, Adrian Murcia. We hope you enjoy her adventure. On a mild Friday night in April, a small group of food...

NYC Restaurants Review: Casa Mono & Socarrat Paella Bar

written by Rick Fisher | 25th October 2010

Whenever I am planning to travel my first order of business is the Google search “Spanish restaurants in (destination city)”. My recent trip to New York City provided an unparalleled opportunity to visit a metropolis with more Spanish restaurants than any other city in the US. Previous trips produced impressive results (check out my NYC Tapas Crawl); this time...
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