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4 Must Eat Sandwiches of Porto!

written by Ryan Opaz | 6th June 2016

For me, the sandwich is the pinnacle of the food pyramid. Sure I love fine dining, a good seafood feast, or a perfectly prepared piece of roasted meat; but in the end, I will always long for the great sandwich. When you have 2 slices of the perfect rustic bread holding together a selection of vegetables, meats and cheeses...

Portuguese Seafood Recipes for Dipping Your Bread

written by Rochelle Ramos | 18th February 2016

When we decided to relocate to Portugal from the States, I was ecstatic about the prospect of fresh seafood, seafood that was diverse, plentiful and all mine for the eating! With approximately six-hundred miles of beaches, succulent frutos do mar (seafood) exists along the entire coast, and that first night in Lisbon, I devoured half the country’s worth! Since then, the...
Private Porto


Porto Walking Food Tour

This delicious food tour is more than a culinary experience, it’s a love letter to Porto highlighting the city’s history, architecture and...

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Private Porto


Port Wine Tour with Ryan Opaz

Eager to taste a wide range of spectacular Port wine with a Knight of the Port Wine Brotherhood? Are you...

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The Best Places to Eat Calçots in Barcelona

written by Sam Zucker | 26th January 2016

In the Catalan countryside surrounding Barcelona, young, sweet onions break ground in mid-winter, growing tall and pale in the rich Mediterranean soil packed around their roots. The fertile earth guards the tender white shoots from the sun, leaving them delicate, delicious, and ready for grilling. Calçots—as these indigenous winter onions are known in the Catalan language—are one of the...

A Masterclass on Portuguese Fish

written by Sonia Nolasco | 20th April 2015

When most people order a meal at a restaurant, they’re satisfied with simply eating it. Not me. I have an overwhelming necessity to understand and intimately discuss the food in front of me. I long to linger around the restaurant, waiting for closing time so I can sneak into the kitchen and snuggle up to the chef to inquire about...

Cabrito Estonado: The Easter Recipe Hidden in the Portuguese Mountains

written by Sonia Nolasco | 24th March 2015

Growing up, Portuguese kid stew was as ordinary to me as beef stew was to my American friends. Whenever there were mentions of “cabrito,” my smile lit up! Around this time of year, my younger self would be jumping for joy around my mother’s kitchen, since this was often the meal of choice for Easter. Chocolate bunnies didn’t excite...

6 Extreme Foods of Northern Portugal – For Foodie Adventurers

written by Gabriella Opaz | 13th March 2015

Don’t let the bucolic fields of pink and white almond blossoms, abundant fruit orchards and twisty vineyards fool you, there’s a gory, bloody side to Northern Portugal. Here is where you’ll find extreme snout to tail eating, where winter pig slaughters are a time for families to bond, to roll up their sleeves and hand-wash guts, sort through lard...
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