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The Continuing Spanish Beer Search: Fort – Barcelona Pale Ale

Since we have lived in Terrassa, a small industrial city outside Barcelona, there has been only one place to buy decent beer. Casa Evaristo is a specialty food store in the old part of the city with a wide range of odd ingredients, wines and foods. Sort of a Whole Foods in the way they overprice their goods, while being the only place in town with this particular selection. In the past, they have held a few local artesian beers and many Belgium standards; nothing to inspire, but when you live in a desert any liquid is desirable.

Yesterday, however, I found they had upped the game with a larger selection and some real beers from other parts of the world including some 1st class IPA’s from the USA. That said, despite the prices being ridiculous, I’m not going to complain, just need to find a second job to feed the beast.

After picking up a few long lost friends for late night thirst quenching, I also grabbed a new to me local “microbrew” called Fort, a self proclaimed “Barcelona Pale Ale“. Sitting at 5.3%, and willing to add sugar as an augmeneter in the ingredients, I picked one up for fun. After tasting it, I can honestly say I wish I hadn’t, which seems to be a sentiment that I’m not alone in holding. Thin palate and somewhat “cardboardy” on the nose it reminds me less of a pale ale and more of a budget beer that I spent too much for.

The search must go on. Having started this little beer thread, somewhat inspired by higher than desireable summer temperatures, and higher than desired alcohol levels in many Spanish wines, I must return to a few of the better local “microbrews”. I promise to return with a 6 pack of reviews, hopefully showing you that the beer scene is finding a sliver of light to illuminate my hops vacant darkness.


Ryan Opaz

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