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The Wine Century Club

The Wine Century Club motivates wine lovers to try grapes outside of the traditional Cabernet, Chardonnay and Merlot trio. If you’ve tried 100 different varietals (grapes), you not only get certified, but you automatically become part of a growing community of wine curious people. 

Spain and Portugal are great places to start if you’re interested in getting yourself a certificate. For example, you could seek out:

Mencia – A grape grown in the Bierzo region of North Western Spain. Can produce big wines with intense fruit flavors and nice spice characteristics.
Godello – A white grape that is grown throughout Spain though particularly in Galicia and at it’s best gives a fresh high acid wine with green apple flavors.
Graciano – A red grape used throughout Rioja and Navarra to give the wines of those regions more tannin and body. Though recently I’ve tried some interesting single varietal versions. It tends to be very tannic when young and has a nose and flavor profile that is rich and prolonged.
Tinta Negramole – Unique to the Island of Madeira in Portugal is is the grape that makes Madeira what it is today. High yields and a penchant for early oxidization it helped the Madeira producers recover after phylloxera hit the island. In Spain it produces interesting table wine on the Canary Islands.
Touriga Nacional – Two grapes that play very important roles in the production of Port wine. In fact the best part of going for this certificate is the fact that blends count! So when you drink a Port wine, most likely you at the very least are adding 5 new varietals to your list.

If you’re a member, let us know which Iberian grapes you’ve tried!

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