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Cooking with a Portuguese Chef in Lisbon

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Starting from 205€/person

  • Private
  • Portugal,Lisbon
  • Theme: Food
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Availability: Year Round

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Food in Portugal is a cause for celebration. During the warmer months, the breeze is seasoned with an oceanic smokiness that lures crowds to local joints serving up grilled sardines atop a bit of bread. There’s wine, sangria and bowls of Caldo Verde (kale soup), too. “Há Caracóis” (We have snails) signs entice passersby to stop, linger and lounge at esplanades, slurping the tasty slugs out of their shells. Crisp weather ushers in nights of bonfires and roasted chestnuts washed down with flavorful wines, bean soups and hearty smoked sausage stews, stuffed breads and brick oven roasts. There are museums dedicated solely to food—cheese, bread, olive oil, cherries, beer, wine and so on. It’s indeed a food lover’s paradise! What’s the downfall? Withdrawal—when you leave.

Today, you will be rubbing elbows with one of the best Portuguese chefs in Lisbon for an exquisite, private cooking class in the chef’s home. This one-on-one time with the chef will allow you to meet their family, ask as questions and learn how to make three Portuguese dishes.

We can assure you that this is a very complete, fun and tasty experience that you will not forget. The class can be as hands-on as you want it to be or feel comfortable with and you will also get the printed recipes to try and replicate these dishes at home.


  • Exclusive cooking class with a Portuguese Chef 
  • Recipe cards for 3 traditional Portuguese recipes
  • Sit down lunch with wine in the Chef’s home

My husband and I had a wonderful day on a private tour with Ryan throughout the Douro Valley. He is extremely knowledgeable and helped us learn to appreciate Port. Beyond the wonderful private tasting sessions, he also brought us to a delicious lunch at a local Portuguese restaurant. Throughout the entire day, he provided us with tips and recommendations for the remainder of our journey throughout Portugal. The whole day was the highlight of our trip! We would HIGHLY recommend it!

Tour Itinerary

  • Private Culinary Experience in Lisbon

    Today, you can either meet the Portuguese Chef at a famed produce market or in their private home. The choice is yours. Should you meet the Chef at the market, you’ll receive a private tour along with a history of Portuguese food culture. Once your ingredients are purchased for your three iconic dishes, you’ll go back to their home to whip up legendary Portuguese cuisine such as “Bulhão Pato,” steamed Portuguese clams in a garlic, white wine and fresh coriander broth; “Brás,” a fried bread sausage with shoestring potatoes and scrambled eggs; or even “Peixinhos da Horta,” deep fried green bean tempura. These are just a few of the flavors that you might not only savor over lunch, but learn how to prepare under the trusted guidance of the chef in his personal kitchen. This is a fantastic experience not to missed by anyone who adores phenomenal cuisine!

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  • Portuguese Chef and Guide
  • Market visit (optional)
  • Cooking Class in the Chef’s personal home
  • 3 Traditional Portuguese Recipes
  • Printed recipes


  • Gratuity​ ​and​ ​Personal​ ​Expenses
  • Transportation




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