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Portuguese: Organic and Natural Wine Tasting

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  • Group
  • Portugal,Porto
  • Theme: Wine
  • Duration: 1.5hrs
  • Availability: Monday - Friday + Private

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For thousands of years, Portugal has not only made wine but has been very natural in its production. It wasn’t until well after WWII and even later in 75 when the dictatorship fell, that industrialization was affordable enough to become de rigueur, shifting the country to a more mainstream and quantity driven production. Today, with the global push towards sustainable living, the Portuguese wine industry is grape by grape beginning to return to their natural, organic roots – where nothing is added and the local terroir is allowed to express itself fully. By reducing the winemaker’s intervention to a minimum, what is left in the glass should be the purest expression of the grapes and the soil, not a manufactured product built scientifically to appeal to the mainstream palate. In this tasting, we’ll explore the difference between natural, organic, biodynamic and low intervention Portuguese wines through six very distinct wines. We’ll explore their stories, and try to dispel some myths. We trust this experience will not only be eye-opening but that you’ll walk away with a newfound appreciation for Portugal’s winemaking talent.


  • Learn the difference between Organic, Natural and Bio-Dynamic wines
  • Hear different winemakers philosophies on how and why they make wine
  • Taste a variety of wines based on these philosophies
  • Custom experiences every time as Ryan, your guide, customizes your tasting based on the group’s interest
  • Small group size, no more than 8 people unless booked privately

This trip was incredible. The team at Catavino put together a love letter to Porto and the Douro and allowed us to share it with them.

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  • 6 Wines from a variety of producers throughout Portugal
  • A discount on all wines in the theLAB’s wine shop
  • Nibbles and water to accompany the tasting

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