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The History of Portugal in 5 Glasses

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  • Private
  • Portugal,Porto
  • Theme: Wine
  • Duration: 3.5 hrs
  • Availability: Year Round

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In light of Portugal’s distinct role in their global success, discover the history and methodology behind your favorite liquids. Meandering through Porto’s winding cobbled streets, you’ll learn how the Portuguese have shaped our culture and habits through their love of coffee, tea, beer, wine and spirits. Tour five distinct venues that exemplify the very best of each of these seminal beverages, along with historical and cultural insights of the majestic city of Porto.

Coffee – Portugal’s empirical connection to the coffee plantations of tropical Brasil has meant that the highest quality coffee has been served in the cafes of Porto for centuries.  

Tea – Portugal, at the forefront of the Age of Discovery, were not only the first ocean-going explorers to India and China, but they were also the first to bring tea to Europe. Catherine of Braganza’s marriage to Charles II of England heralded the British love of tea, still in evidence today.  The traditional herbal infusions and ‘potions’ are inherent to Portuguese health and rituals. From leaf to lips, we examine the simplest of drinks in all its complexities.

Beer – In existence for 10 millennia, ever since bread was baked, beer was brewed. Discover the future of Portugal’s craft beer movement, and the social mystique behind Porto’s beer culture which even ties a strong link between your favorite football team and which suds you sip.

Wine – Portugal not only lays claim to founding the very first wine producing region in the world, the Douro, but also having one of the most diverse collections of native grapes. From light, effervescent white Vinho Verde wines in the north to rich flavor driven fortified wines on the island of Madeira, there really is no one “flavor” that encompasses Portugal. Within Catavino’s Lab, we’ll focus on the organic producers of the Douro and Dão valleys, and of course a tipple of the fine elixir, Port wine.

Spirits – Distilled from grapes, the diverse firewater of Iberia serves many purposes. From completing the breakfast of a day laborer to the preservation of Nature’s sugars in a Port wine, the diverse stories it holds are as powerful as its punch.

Allergies and Health

We are highly sensitive to food sensitivities and will always work to find a suitable solution or substitute whenever required. As our goal is to showcase new flavors and encourage a fresh perspective throughout your everyday life, we trust you’ll arrive with an open mind and leave with a deeper appreciation.


  • Exclusive access to the lesser known venues of downtown Porto.
  • The finest beverages in the best places.
  • Sample Portuguese “Champagne” in a 900 year old granite stone building of splendor.
  • Traditional coffee in the presence of a grand-master casually hanging from the ceiling.
  • Beer in a traditional “tasqua,” the definitive Portuguese style of bar serving the most authentic beverages.
  • Unusual teas and restorative infusions in a fine tea salon.
  • A new take on an old favorite, wine-tasting designed by a knight of the Port Wine Brotherhood.
  • An essential tour of the historic center sprinkled with fun facts and historic tales.
  • Small groups allow for specialization and deeper appreciation, as well as time for personal recommendations to make your stay in Porto as good as can be.

Thanks so much for the last 2 days in Penedes wine country. Stephanie and I had an incredible time and really appreciated your expertise and knowledge of the regions.

Tour Itinerary

  • The Story of Portugal in 5 Glasses

    We begin our tour with majestic family owned cafe adorned with local masterpieces. Following a freshly brewed espresso, we’ll head towards a beautifully restored 900 year old granite building that was once a public hospital to sample Portuguese ‘espumante’ made in the traditional Champagne style. Next up, a rustic beer hang out with traditional trimmings (both edible and social), followed by a classical Tea salon that has been serving the great and the good of Porto for decades. Finally, we wrap up our tour at Catavino’s ‘Lab’ for an in depth VIP tasting of the finest grapes from master vintners. Experience the flavors, notes and artisan practices of Douro producers in our den of liquid experimentation!

    The tour starts at 15:00 close to Sao Bento Station. The total walking distance is about 1.5km (1 mile) with few ups and downs. Our final destination by metro is Marques in the North of the City Center. (travel cost is included in our ticket price)

    We suggest appropriate footwear for the cobbled streets of Porto and a healthy thirst for all things delicious.

    The tour concludes at 18:30 and we are ever-ready with suggestions to keep your evening as flavorful as your afternoon.


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  • Includes all refreshments and a few culinary delicacies.
  • 4+ Wines, 3+ Teas, 1 Beer, 1 Coffee, 1 Aguadente, 1 local pastry, and 2 savory snacks.
  • City travel and a feature presentation at theLAB.  


  • Personal Expenses
  • Gratuities

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