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Algarve Food & Wine Tours

The Algarve is incredibly rich in culture and diversity, especially if you’re looking for a surfing, trekking or simple food friendly experience. The entire region contains over 100 beaches that are unique and brimming with biodiversity. For the nature lovers, you can choose from over 30 hiking trails including: the Ria Formosa, Monchique mountain, Caldeirão mountains and Sagres cape

The Algarve’s gastronomy, east to west, would be best described as a rustic twist to Mediterranean, and very much from sun, earth and ocean.

Traditional Algarvio’s insist on using the region’s infinite nutrient resources and demand fresh, honest and unpretentious ingredients that you can smell, feel, taste and cook with the guidance of a local expert.

Allow our tour guides to inform you on the history and culture of the staple Portuguese food, bacalhau (salt fish), alongside freshly caught fish and seafood. Experience exotic lands while touring sacks of curries from India, piri piri and rich spices from Africa. And whilst the Algarve is not blessed with the vineyards of the Douro or other famous wine-producing regions of Portugal, rare is a meal served without its company, and it is still possible to visit several excellent wineries in this Southern part of the country. The region’s wine consumption is affected by the warm climate; hot summer days call for super chilled beverages. Grilled fish and seafood; typically brushed with a garlic, cilantro and olive oil mix, scents the region, as do steaming clay pots of seafood stew paired with a light Algarve red hits the spot. 

Below find our current list of recommended culinary experiences in the Algarve, which include: cooking classes, vineyards tours, gourmet food tastings and guided gastronomic walks, or book a customized tour just for you!


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