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Lisbon Food & Wine Tours

Lisbon is a vibrant city with an infectious charm and small town feel. With its cobblestone sidewalks, azulejo-tiled buildings, old-fashioned trolleys puttering down steep inclines, time becomes irrelevant. Lisbon abounds with quaint cafes run by grandmothers donned in lace aprons, chic lounges and charming traditional restaurants who have specialized in one individual dish for a century. Take a guided tour of the markets followed by a cooking class, or if you’re more of a restauranteer, choose a customized gastronomic tour where you can discover homemade cuisine such as bacalhau (salt cod); Carne de Porco Alentejana, pork cooked with clams that simmer in their juices and are served up with roasted potatoes; freshly grilled sardines or hundreds of different local cheeses. You could even join a cooking class where you learn how to prepare some of these dishes yourself.

If you’re an avid wine lover, you won’t lack in options. Lisbon is boasting of quality wine bars featuring wines by the glass from across the country. Eager for a glass of white Port? Maybe a powerhouse red from the Alentejo? Or possibly you’re more of a sweet wine fan from Setubal? Whatever your preference, Lisbon aims to please, and we have several wine tours that will introduce you to the history and culture of Portuguese wine!

Below find our current list of recommended food and wine activities and excursions to be enjoyed in and around Lisbon, or book a customized tour just for you! 


Private Sesimbra & Azeitão


Lisbon Day Trip: Sesimbra / Azeitão

Just south of Lisbon, across the Tagus River estuary, you’ll visit the extraordinary villages of Sesimbra and Azeitão, renown for...

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Private Azeitão & Palmela


Lisbon Day Trip: Azeitão / Palmela

Your relaxing day trip to Azeitão and Palmela in the region of Setubal, will not only only take you to...

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Private Lisbon


Lisbon Culinary Experience

Meet the passionate people crafting old-school Portuguese food deep inside Lisbon’s traditional neighborhoods. Visit the traditional hole-in-the-wall bakeries famed for their...

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