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Madeira: Food & Wine Tours

It’s not farfetched to assume that Portugal is teeming with beautiful islands blanketed in tropical flowers, waterfalls and ripe juicy fruit, being on the Atlantic, but we rarely hear of them.

With the help of a enthusiastic guide, you’ll have the privilege of exploring Madeira’s stunning coastline, soaring mountains, fortified wines and mouthwatering cuisine, such as: sopa de tomate e cebola (tomato and onion soup) crowned with a poached egg or a thick bowl of açorda. Made from chunky pieces of day-old bread, garlic, poached egg, winter savory and olive oil, it’s the perfect filler for a long day of walking the serene Levadas

Meat lovers will find a large variety of meat dishes, the highlights of which are the espetada – large chunks of beef rubbed in garlic and salt, skewered onto a branch of bay leaves and left to grill over smouldering wood chips and carne vinho e alhos – small pieces of pork meat left to marinade for at least for a day in a mixture of garlic, wine vinegar and bay leaves, before it is cooked in the same sauce.

As for wine, there is no shortage of lodges to experience a wide range of fortified wines. However, rather than roam aimlessly, why not have a wine loving guide to get you into once-in-a-lifetime tastings, either at the undiscovered lodges in Funchal or by whisking you off on day trip to the Northern side of the island

Below find our current list of recommended food and wine activities and excursions to be enjoyed in and around Madeira, or book a customized tour just for you! 


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